Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vet Visit Friday!

Thank you all for your comments and well wishes for Riva - also for the boot recommendations!

Since Sunday, we have been following the same routine every evening:

 - unwrap the standing bandages 
 - take her to the indoor arena to access lameness
 - cold hose the lower leg for 20 minutes
 - hand graze for half hour
 - gram of Bute
 - make sure stall is super clean and nicely bedded, water buckets full, plenty of hay
 - close the half door that looks outside at the pastures
 - BO brings Riva a buddy to be stalled next to her for the night
 - kisses, hugs, and treats

Each night, we have seen improvement.  The swelling is down, no heat (but we are using poultice wraps), and the degree of lameness decreases.  As of last night, she offered trot on the lounge with about a 1 out of 5 degree of lameness.  She is acting more like her normal self again.

Even with the improvement, we decided to take her to our vet on Friday morning.  We opted to take her in to the clinic (our vet sees equines on Friday at her practice - farm calls the rest of the week) so that if an ultrasound is needed, we will be able to have it done immediately. 

Diva gets farriered this afternoon, which she was already scheduled for.  Good timing so we can make sure her feet are not an issue.

While we could keep on with stall rest, wraps, Bute, etc., I want to have a diagnosis and vet plan.  I would hate to turn her out and start back riding, only to have the lameness increase.  Hoping for the best, and not a long rehab!


Malin said...

I will be on pins and needles to hear that all is well. Fingers crossed!!!

Anonymous said...

Hoping and praying right alongside you, Kelly!


Martine said...

Good luck. Mystery lameness is very very frustrating.

AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

hope that the vets appointment goes well :)