Friday, May 27, 2016

Mare Birthdays!

I totally missed The Duchess turning 7 - we were at Rolex!

Day we brought Fergie home - February 2016

April 2016 - Dressage Camp

Happy 7th birthday to this sweet, lovey, fun mare!  She is the opposite of Riva in every way.  She loves being groomed, hugged, and made over.  She tries very hard under saddle to please - but can be  nervous and spooky in certain situations.  She is forward and super off the leg - adjustable in all 3 gaits off the seat - and makes me smile every time I ride her.  Looking forward to all that is ahead for us!

Today The Princess turns 9!

Riva as a yearling - just after we bought her

May 2016 - she is a great horse for maternity shoots!

Happy 9th to my 'heart horse'!  Riva is opinionated, hates to be groomed, somewhat lazy but also can be a joy to ride.  She and I have learned everything about dressage together and continue to grow as horse and rider.  She is currently having soundness issues due to arthritis in her left knee and will be undergoing IRAP therapy beginning this weekend.  Vets are optimistic this will give her several more years of competition and riding ability.  Regardless, she has her home for life with us.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Our first 'paid' gig!

My husband took this photo on the last day of dressage camp and on a whim, I sent it Total Saddle Fit letting them know how much I like the shoulder relief girth and shimmable dressage pad I purchased from them.  They asked if they could use the photo for their website and Facebook page in exchange for another one of their products.  I chose another dressage pad to keep for show.  They edited the pic - changed the background to black and white.  I like it!