Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rolex 2014!

Wow - where to begin!

Rolex fever started building with each day last week - everyday driving into work was proof that a BIG event was about to take place at Kentucky Horse Park.  My normally quiet, peaceful walks at lunch were now spent taking in the tents being erected to house all the shopping vendors, Land Rovers appearing all over the grounds, and giant wooden ducks resting in the ponds.

I tried to watch as much Dressage on Thursday and Friday from my second computer screen as I could and still get some work done.  I did get to see Allison Springer's amazing test on Arthur - lovely!

Thursday evening, I finally got to meet Emme from ipickcrazy !  We had already made plans for her and her best friend to come meet Riva and then to go out for dinner.  Emme is a warm, energetic, and enthusiastic lady and it felt like we had known each other for years.  She brought Riva a tub of apple pie flavored treats and was immediately a friend of the Diva.

After a short ride with me on board, Emme got to take a turn on Riva, with some instruction from Alexis. Emme did a super job and Riva was a champ.  After the barn, we spent the evening getting to know each other better over yummy Mexican food and margaritas.  I hope Emme and her friend enjoyed their time in KY!

Saturday was cross country day and shopping!  My husband spent his day taking wonderful photos and Lex and I spent ours shopping :)  I bought a few things:  schooling gloves, hair bow for shows, a joint supplement to try on Riva and a bottle of wine of local wine.  I also picked up free samples of fly spray, wound spray, and herbal liniment wash.

I know lots of fellow bloggers were there Saturday - I did get to see and talk to :

Karen of finalchapter-karen
Hillary of equestrianathart
Kristen of stampyandthebrain

Although, I was pretty wiped out from shopping and would not have seen them if Karen had not called out my name!  So great to see Karen again and get to meet Hillary & Kristen!

So happy we got to experience Rolex for the first time - will not be the last!