Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally - the Ribbon

We had sunshine yesterday :)  Had the husband snap a pic with his Blackberry of Miss Riva and her very first Dressage ribbon.  Not quite the same as in the moment at the show - but it works!

Riva is improving on the right front with the dreaded nasty thrush.  Farrier was out briefly on Thursday night to drop off super concentrated magic farrier cure all powder.  It is this little bottle of yellow powder that he said several times to not get on human skin (a little scary).  The directions call for diluting a portion of the bottle's powder in a gallon of water and soaking the foot for 45 minutes and then covering the hoof in a bag for 45 minutes - that would not go over well with The Diva.  Fortunately - our farrier gave us other directions.  He had us mix some of the powder with a few drops of water - like a thick paste - and shove it in to that crevice in her frog with a cotton ball and a hoof pick.  Supposed to leave it until he can get out to see her the first of next week.

I did not bute her Thursday night after treating.  We went out Friday night to see if she had impoved any.  I put her on the lunge to the right - still bobbing her head, but not as much.  I sent her to the left and she was almost normal at the trot.  I worked her on varying speeds at the trot - lenghening on the long sides and slow trot on the ends.  We did some canter to the left.  She is lowering her head now quite often at the trot and going long and low.  She will keep offering as long as I keep up a constant 'good girl'. 

I sent her again to the right and she was much improved after warming up.  The head bobbing was minimal and she looked much more comfortable on that right front.  We worked on the right the same - lenghening on the long sides and slow trot on the ends.  She was dropping her head and looking like a Western Pleasure horse much of the time :)  Yeah!  We did a bit of canter to the right and she held the correct lead.

Really pleased and relieved to see improvement.  I worry so much when something like this drags on and on.  Riva has lots of energy and I think she benefitted from the longer lounge session last night.  Such a gorgeous evening so we went outside for a walk afterwards.  Ground was still too wet and muddy to walk her around the property so I took her in to the jumping arena and walked her over trot poles.

Riva will have the night off tonight and will go out Sunday night.  We had postponed out lesson, yet again, to Thursday night but Henny lost a shoe Thursday  - so we rescheduled the lessons to this coming Monday.  Not sure when farrier is going to be able to reshoe Henny and check Riva.

Lessons sometime next week, we hope!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lesson Tomorrow Night? I Hope...

I called the farrier yesterday to give him an update on Riva - see if we should keep treating - if the lingering lameness is normal, etc.  He is coming out tomorrow evening to re-check her and is bringing some super concentrated medication for the thrush.  He is surprised she is still off - but he did say the thrush is deep, he had to cut away quite a bit of frog to expose the thrush - so not floored that she is not 100% better.

We gave Henny & Riva Sunday off - didn't even go out to visit.  L and I rode Monday night - was to have a lesson, but we postponed to Thursday due to severe weather and Riva still being off.  I lounged Riva Monday night - she was pretty sound to the left, wanted to canter, canter, canter :)  But she nicely dropped her head and went long and low in a nice trot to the left by the time we finished on that rein.  To the right - still off, bobbing head at trot.  Canter was a little choppy and she could not sustain it long.  She did stay on the correct lead, though, instead of her constant switching.

I got on and she was lovely on the left rein.  Very nice, forward trot work and walk.  Even got her into canter on the left lead - kept it for 3/4 of the arena.  Switch to right rein and she was very sticky - did not want to go forward.  I tried getting her back in trot on the left rein and figure 8 ing in to right rein - she figured that one out quickly.  Stop, refuse to go forward, cow kick when showed the crop - sigh.  Decided not to push the issue and walked her out.

Plan to go out tonight and see if there is any improvement.  Our farrier said to not worry about treating with the Thrush Buster for the next few days - until he can treat her with what he is bringing. 

Rain, rain...go away!!!  Not helping my baby's foot :(

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our First Show!!!

Riva & I competed Saturday in Intro Test B at Hoosier Horse Park!  First off - I have no picutre proof.  My daughter competed in the morning - Starter Combined Training - I was taking a few pictures of her warm up when the camera said low battery and shut off.  Did we bring extra  But we didn't forget anything else!

L and Henny headed to the wam up arena
Notice all the lovely mud and puddles.  It rained pretty much the entire time we were there.  We arrived at our barn about 5:30 pm on Friday and got the trailer hooked up.  Both horses loaded like pros.  Was so impressed with Riva.  She had not been on the trailer since last fall when I took her to our trainers for a month.  First try - she went up the ramp and stopped,  I backed her down and tried again - success!  She walked in and stood still while I got the chest bar up and her halter clip on.  Hennessy walked right on - normal for him.  Locked everything up and away we went :)

Drive was fine - misting rain, but nothing horrible.  We pulled in to to HHP about 7:15 pm - unloaded and got the horses settled.  I like the barn they were stabled in because there is wire between the stalls and Riva & Henny could see each other.  Riva immediately checked out the gelding beside her, which she took a fast liking to and flirted with him every chance she got! 

L wanted to try and get a ride in Friday night but as soon as she got him tacked up - the rain really started coming down.  Plan B - braid Henny for Sat.  I braided his mane, with L as my rubber band assistant.  I decided not to braid Riva till morning.  We still didn't know if I would get to compete.

By 9 pm, we went tired and hungry and it was still raining.  We threw the horses more hay and headed in to our fav pre-show day Mexican restaurant in Edinburgh.  Everyone from our barn goes there also - they had all gotten to leave earlier in the day, so by the time we made it to the restaurant, then were finishing up their dinners.

Sat morning - woke up to more rain.  Arrived at HHP, got our show packets from the office, and started getting L and Henny ready for their dressage class at 10:15 am. 

Here is L and Henny in the lovely, muddy warm up areana.

It pretty much misted rain all day Saturday.  Temps were not bad - sometimes it was really humid and warm,  Other times, a little cool. 

L and Henny did pretty well is dressage - not their highest scores, but decent.  This was L's first time competing Beginner Novice dressage test.  She remembered the test!  Then on to jumping - their favorite.
L and our trainer had walked the jump course earlier, so she had a plan of how to take the jumps.  They did great!  Best jumping I have seen them do :)  L as smiling so big as they finished the course.

No jumping or time faults - yeah!  They did not place in the ribbons though, due to the dressage scores.  L was a bit sad about that, but proud of how the jumping round went.

Now it was time to see if Riva was sound enough to compete.  I had given her Bute as soon as we arrived Sat. morning.  And P had walked her around a bit while L warmed up.  Both he and my trainer thought she would be fine to compete - even if she was slightly favoring that front right. 

I took her to the lovely mud filled warm up arena.  Riva hates walking thru puddle at home under saddle so I thought this was pushing it - it was.  She was not a happy girl in that warm up.  Only 3 other riders were in there and the arena is quite large.  She started getting agitaed as soon as we walk in - so in turn, I got tense and was not helping her.  L came out to 'coach' me a bit.  Helped a lot - she got me to relax, give her some rein, and get her trotting a circle around her both ways.  Riva was still holding her head like a giraffe and only half listening.  Decided to not keep battling with her and end.  I didn't know if she was off on the right front - could not tell with how she was going in the mud. 

I really was not feeling at all ready to ride a dressage test after that warmup and we still had plenty of time before my test.  I decided to take her to the other warm up arena - which was not muddy - just had a few puddles.  It was the warm up for the upper dressage testers to use.  We rode down there and only one rider was warming up there.  I ask the ring steward it we could hack in it and she said it would be fine.

That was a good decision on my part.  Once I started riding Riva in there, she began to relax.  I got to ride her in front of a 'scary' judges box, trot her around the outside of the ring and let her look around.  She even trotted right thru the puddle!  I then rode my test in that arena and she was great!  When we hit our final halt at X, she blew out and sighed :)  Now, we were ready to compete...but we had about an hour before my test time.  I did know she was still off on the right front, though.  When I did my trot on the right rein, esp the 20 meter circle to the right. she was bobbing her head a bit.  Still, not as bad as it had been.

I decided to skip any further warm up before my test - was NOT taking her back in the horse eating mud arena.  When it was close to my test time, I rode her to the warm up - checked in with the ring steward.  He said they were about ready for me and to head on over to the show ring - yeah!  No waiting!

Once I got to the show ring, I was told to go on in. The ring was set up for 3 tests at a time - I was in the middle one.  I took a deep breath, and rode her in.  I walked her in front of the judges box, stopped briefly to give my number and say good afternoon and started around the outside of the ring.  I had just asked her to trot when they rang the bell that signaled me to enter and begin my test.  Ok - guess we were as ready as we were going to be!

I entered at A from a left rein trot - halted at X, and yes she stopped!  Asked her to trot and she jumped right into it.  By the time we were about half way thru my test, I started to relax a bit and think " we are still in the ring and I am still on her!".  I even smiled a few times and enjoyed it!  By the time we headed up the centerline for our final halt, I was thrilled!  She did not want to stop at X, she was a bit crooked, but I gave her a big pat and lots of good girls.  As we were exiting the arena, two of the boarders at the barn were cheering for us!

Of course, my husband and trainer were saying things like, of course she stayed in the arena - didn't throw a fit, etc.  But I was amazed!  We had to wait about an hour and a half for my scores to be posted and then another half hour to get my test back.  We went and got some lunch - no way could I eat before my test.

So - I ended up with a 56.875% in Intro Test B and got sixth place and a lovely green ribbon- yeah!  I will take a picture with it on Riva tomorrow night, when we have a lesson. 

Both horses loaded up first try to come home.  Uneventful ride and settled back into their stalls with dinner and hay waiting for them.  Both Riva and Henny seemed happy to be home.  They both got extra treats and hugs before we left them for the night.

Now I am really looking forward to our next show - CAF in May.  Will be our first time there.  A young girl had her horse stalled beside us this weekend and she is going to CAF next month also.  She was very sweet - former hunter / jumper that is just starting out in combined training.  Her horse was adorable and he and Henny got along fine all weekend.  Bet Riva hopes the horse that was stalled next to her is there too!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Are We Showing Saturday?

Still don't know if Riva will be sound by then.  We have been treating her thrush every day since Tuesday.  Every evening I have put her on the lounge to check for improvement.  Last night she was not favoring the foot as much.  And she has all this energy!  Even though she favors the foot at the trot, she doesn't want to stop trotting...and at the canter, it is barely noticable. I hopped up in the saddle for a few minutes - she really bobbed her head with my added weight on her. 

So we gave her a much needed bath - she was good for it, except for her tail.  She hates the wetting down and rinsing - even with the warm water.  Treated the foot and put her to bed.  Hoping she stays clean today...most likely that will not happen!  We are supposed to get rain today and severe weather tonight.  Will make for lovely loading up for the show, driving, unloading at the show.  We did load all our tack last night.   And we know which barn and stalls are horses are to stay in.  Love that!!  HATE getting to a show - not knowing which barn and stall they are to stay in - and not being able to find the show office...and the worst is you pull in just after the show office has closed for the night.  That is really frustrating!

All in all, it has been a stressful week.  I hate not knowing if Riva will be sound by tomorrow.  I have been in a terrible, self pitying, crying mood.  Several people from our barn are going to this show - everyone was getting ready last night.  It is hard for me, since this was to have been our show debut.  Riva will go along regardless and I will at least be able to walk and possibly ride her around the show grounds, which is still a good experience for her.  And she keeps Hennessy company in the trailer and will be stalled next to him. 

I am trying to not let it get me down...we have YEARS of showing ahead.  I am also trying to stay positive for L - she will be showing combined training at Starter level tomorrow.  First time for her - she did Intro tests and Green as Grass combined training all last year.  Henny will be great if L stays calm and relaxed.

Will post lots of pics regardless of if Riva and I get to show.  And I might just wear my dressage clothes :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good / Bad News

Thrush - pretty severe - in her right front club foot.  Because of the club, Riva has a deep crevice in her frog that I have to clean out every time I pick out her feet.  I also put Thrush Buster in it about every 2 weeks - per our farrier's advice.  Seems that the putty that the farrier packed her hoof with, before he put the full pad under her shoe, did not keep everything out and she has a bad case of thrush in that crevice.

My sweet husband met our farrier this morning at our barn - in the pouring roped in to helping bring horses in from the pasture, etc.  So husband said Riva was flying around the indoor arena with the other mares, having a grand time, acting as if her foot has never hurt her.  Gotta love em.

Farrier arrives and starts checking her left front first to see her pain reaction with the hoof tester.  Goes to the right front and can't get a pain reaction from her anywhere.  Starts checking her shoulders and legs - still nothing.  Farrier had husband put her on the lounge - soon as he got her in trot, she started the head bobbing - downward motion every time her right front hit the ground.  Even the BO said 'see, it is the right front'.

Farrier starts poking again and finally found the problem when he pulled on a loose piece of her frog that was partially covering that crevice.  Then Riva flinched.  Farrier starting cutting into the cervice and found the culprit - nasty thrush.  He said it was not to the blood level yet - but if it would have went a couple of more days, could have abcessed.

He cleaned out the cervice, put some stronger mixture of Thrush Buster in it, and shoved a cotton ball into the crevice.  Said to Bute her keep her in the rest of the day.  No problem there - with the storms today, all the horses were kept in the remainer of the day.

Now we are to clean it out every night this week, put Thrush Buster in and a cotton ball.  Can also give her Bute once a day.  Farrier said if she is not 100% sound on the foot by Thursday night, that he will come out again on Friday.  We leave for the show Friday evening and he believes she will be fine by then.  But if not, he will put a medicated pad on that foot, under her shoe, that has a pain reliever in it.  Trouble with the pad is he said it will only last one or two days.

I got her out tonight to lounge and see how she is doing.  She was not as lame on it tonight as she was last night, but still is hurting her.  So we doctored her up, groomed her, and put her back to bed with hay, treats, and hugs and kisses from me :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Farrier Visit

I gave Riva Fridy & Saturday off.  Just had the feeling that something was up with that right front club foot after shoeing on Wed.  She just seemed a bit off on the right rein trot on Wed evening.  Thursday, a bit more off.  L was jumping outside, so I just rode around the jumping arena and watched her mainly.

Sunday, I put her on the lunge first.  The trot on the right rein was definitely giving her trouble - bobbing her head everytime that right front hit the ground.  My husband cut most of the pad off the foot.  Even though our farrier had packed it - it was still full of sand and little rocks.  I got on and tried to work her through it, but she was still off.

Went out today thinking it might be better now that she had some time with the pad off.  Put her on the lunge and though she was willing to pick up a faster trot , still showing pain when that foot hit the ground.  Husband called the farrier and he is coming out tomorrow morning to check her.

So, decided to use the rest of my barn time tonight taking her for a walk.  I have not gotten up the courage yet to ride her on the trail around the hay field on our barn's property.  I long lined her around it a lot last summer - sometimes with a buddy horse, and sometimes alone.  But I had not taken her around it yet this year.  Riva did well - just walked her with her bridle with the lunge line atttached.  She was looky, but kept out of my space and walked at a nice pace. 

Will see what tomorrow brings!

                                                  Hennessy & Riva looking less than thrilled
                                                                to pose together :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Time to evaluate

Riva has a club foot - her right front.  It is slight, in terms of degrees, but does need correction in terms of shoeing.  Our farrier has been working with her for over a year - she has been in front shoes for a year and just had back shoes put on.  Our farrier is a a certified therapeutic farrier and wonderful.  He now has her club foot in a full pad under her shoe.  I had a long phone conversation with him yesterday as to his reasoning for this and his thoughts.

I have never worried too much about the club foot...but after talking with him, I have all kinds of worries.  He was reassuring though - said he  has more corrections in mind, just can not change too much, too fast. He said her right shoulder will always be weaker and less muscled and she will short stride her right side.  He is working toward making this as slight as possible.

So I have been doing some internet research and that just gets me more worked up!  Husband and I talked last night about getting her saddle fit checked.  With the reading I have been doing, Riva most likely will need a custom fit saddle to accomadate that less muscled shoulder.  Can you see $$$$$'s? 

Farrier recommends working her more on the right rein - on the lunge and under saddle - to build that shoulder up.  He also said to ask my trainer for exercise ideas - already sent off an email to her.

If anyone has any experience with this - send them my way!  I love this horse more every day and want to help her however I can.  Obviously, I am not rich and we have 2 other horses to care for.  I have dreams of showing her in Dressage and hoping down the road to jump her.  Our farrier believes she will be able to handle this - but it is too soon to judge how far she can go, since she is only just turning 4 and has much growing, maturing to do.

Anyone out there have ideas for me!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A girl can never have too many shoes!

The Diva  has back shoes - she is all grown up now!  Farrier had been holding off on back shoes, but her hooves were getting too worn down now that she is in full work under saddle.  She took it all in stride and did amazingly well for her shoeing.  She is normally a handful and gets irritated when the nailing begins.  Farrier was pleased with her behavior today.  Good Mare!

I put her on the lounge, and she was tracking up well and moving smoothly at w/t/c.  On the right lead, she kept doing flying lead changes at the canter.  I had husband come out and get her going on the lead and she gave up the switching when he got after her and made her stay on the correct lead.  Sometimes, I am just not firm enough...but I am working on it!

We worked inside - had the indoor to ourselves, since it was a gorgeous warm day.  Other boarders went out to ride.  I worked again on trot to walk to trot transitions with contact.  Riva seems to like this and was responding well.  We worked in some leg yield at walk and a few at trot.  We moved on to canter and got 1 & 3/4 laps on the left lead.  1 lap on right lead.  When we tried it again, 1 & 1/4 on left lead - 3/4 on right lead.  The left lead feels very rhythmic and smooth once she gets going - right lead is still very up and down and inconsistant.  But - no bucking or silliness...I will take it!

I forgot to mention that I cut off most of that lovely mane she had been growing for 3 1/2 yrs last night.  I want to braid her for our show next weekend and that hair had to go.  I did it really fast, cause it was kinda sad for me.  But she looks adorable with her sporty mane - she likes to flip it around now :)  We also sticked her to check her height and weight - had not done that for awhile.  She is just a hair over 16 hands and weighs about 1065 lbs. 

More pics from last night:

Headed back to the barn

Halt at X

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lesson Monday & Quiet Tuesday

Lesson night - thanks to all the rain we had Monday morning, L and I had our lesson inside.  Which was fine, since we both needed to work on our dressage tests.  Only problem with inside lessons was 2 boarders trying to ride at the same time L was having her lesson.  Will be so glad when it is consistantly warm and reasonably dry to ride and lesson outside.

Our trainer had Riva and I working on keeping the contact while working on trot, walk, halt transitions.  Riva caught on to this quickly and quit flinging her head up after a couple of transitions.  We worked this way mostly on the 20 meter circle, sometimes going large around the entire arena.  We then moved to canter.  Riva has went so many ways with how she likes the contact for canter.  When we first began canter work under saddle, I was giving her lots of rein.  Then, she went to going better with some contact.  Now she is back to 'give me all the rein!'.  So my trainer said to let her have the inside rein and just steer with my shoulders - this is difficult for me.  I have to trust the Diva not to ram my knee in to the wall, overhead doors, etc.  I said a little prayer and gave her rein.  She did a full circuit of the arena, at canter, on both leads.  Yes!  Now if we can just keep this momentum going inbetween lessons.

Tonight - gorgeous weather.  L had to work and I was the only one riding at the barn tonight. So peaceful...inside arena was freshly dragged, pear trees in of course, I had hubby take pictures :)

We worked on more trot, halt, walk transitions with constant contact.  We worked on varying trot speed, 20 meter circles, figure 8's, and some leg yield.  Riva was good, a little slow, not bad.  We went outside to ride in the dressage arena and work parts of the test.  Here is our big finish to Intro Test B:

She was a bit distracted out there tonight - cows in the neighbor's field were sooo interesting.  BO coming back from a lesson with 2 of her horses - very looky at them.  I was proud of her free walk and medium walk tonight - much improvement.  Trot was more energetic outside.  She got lots of 'good girls' for that.  Loving this weather!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lesson tomorrow night!

Looking forward to another lesson tomorrow evening with our trainer.  This will be our last lesson before our first show...getting nervous and excited.

Oldest daughter came with us today to the barn.  She is not into horses like the rest of us - but it was such a nice day to be outside.  She took some pics for us.

The Diva & me

Riva gave my oldest a nice 'pony ride'.  I told her she is one of only a few people I have let ride her!

L & Hennessy walking around the pond

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cantering & Windy Spring Days

Riva had Tues off, due to her power float. Wednesday, I expected her to be full of energy, rested, and ready to go...not so much.  She seemed very mellow when I groomed and tacked her up.  Stayed in the indoor to lunge, since all the other riders had headed outside to ride.  She was good - just not much power.  Hopped on and got to work.

I asked P to come out and help me a bit with canter.  Surprisingly, I was able to get a full lap around the arena not just once, but twice on the left lead - yeah!  But it was the slowest canter I have ever rode on her.  She did not rush into the canter from trot - no bucking or sillyness - just smooth slow canter.  Switched to right lead - full arena once.  Tried for a second time, but she just did not have any forward going.  I went back to trot - which after canter - she is normally very forward in trot.  It was better, but not her normal forward.

Decided to head outside for a little work in the jumping arena.  We worked a trot pole line of 3 poles a few times, then walked out around the property.

Today, a boarder was having a lesson in the indoor, so I took Riva outside to lunge.  L had been out lunging Henny, but she was already coming in as Riva and I headed out.  L said 'good luck and hope she is better than Henny was'.  It was windy, but we have worked this Spring in worse.  Riva was good on the lunge, listening, despite the fact her favorite Belgium Warmblood was being ridden around the field by the dressage arena.  Good Mare - keep those hormones in check!

I decided to go ahead and ride outside.  By this time, another boarder had joined us and the BO was walking one of her horses around the field.  Lots of distractions, but Riva did well.  She never tried to exit the dressage arena - that is a plus!  We worked lots of 20 meter circles - worked on consistent trot speed, and on her right bend.  We finished out with a long walk around the property.  She is doing better every time at staying relaxed - whether we walk out on our own or with L and Henny. 

I received comments from two different people at the barn tonight on how well she is doing for an almost 4 yr old.  Always makes me feel good. 

Oh, and bonus...I ordered a new helmet and it arrived today.  Love it and it fits great, comfortable, and I am no longer sporting my daughter's old blue hand me down!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pics from today

Riva was great for her dental work today.  Just one shot kept her sleepy for her procedure.  She lost a baby tooth as the doc was getting her ready.  Doc said she will lose a few more soon.  She ground off some hooks on her back teeth, and the rest was normal maintenance.

Sleepy Riva back in her stall - so sweet!

I took advantage of her shot wearing off to give her a good grooming - shed out lots of hair.  By the time I had worked my way all around her, she was starting to wake up and look for snacks.  Night off from riding tonight.  Hoping for more sun tomorrow.

Power Float Today

After having last week off for Spring Break, I took today off to meet the vet for Riva's 2nd power float ever.  Last Spring, she had it done and a wolf tooth pulled.  She did really well last year, so fingers crossed all goes well today.  I plan to try and take a few pics, if my vet has enough assistants with her so that my hands are free.

L and I rode inside last evening.  I am so over the cold and rain!  Riva was full of energy.  BO had brought them in early yesterday since the weather was so crappy.  Riva body languange was 'get me outta this stall now!'.  Put her on the lunge and had to reinforce when I saw walk, walk now.  Canter was lovely and consistent speed without a lot of coaxing.

Got on and after some trot work, I asked P to come out and help me try canter.  I had not worked canter since my lesson a week ago.  Riva wanted to rush into the canter from trot on the left rein, but not the right.  She picked it up every time - P only had to reinforce from the ground once with the whip.  She held the canter 3/4 arena on both leads.  I went back to trot work and asked for canter once more later in our ride.  She picked it up on both leads and held it down the long sides of the arena. 

Riva started having issues when another mare entered the arena to work.  I swear the old 2 is company, 3 is a crowd should be Riva's motto.  Even though she pins her ears at Henny, she works great in the indoor arena with him.  But add one more horse, and she turns into angry mare.  She had a few sticks and I had to spin her and growl to get her moving.  I was experimenting with sitting the trot for a few strides before posting - I noticed this was getting Riva to step out into trot at a better speed.  I had been working on this on the left rein, before the other mare came in.  I wanted to try a few times on the right rein before we ended for the night.  I did manage to get her mind off the other very mellow mare and we ended on a good note.

On a side note, I learned the other mare will be at our first show and in the same class as us.  Hoping we can warm up in different arena that morning, or the Riva will not even notice her.  One can hope!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Windy but Warm

Can't complain too much about the wind today - since it was 75 this afternoon and sunny!  So loving being able to get outside, if it is only to lunge.

Despite the wind gusts, sand flying, and I have no idea if she could hear me - Riva did awesome on the lunge today, WTC.

Lovely 'heart' side

And the 'black' side

L was wanting to jump Henny - just too windy, so we headed back inside to ride.  P set up trot poles to get Hennessy and L warmed up to jump - took Riva over at a trot.  Started with 2 poles and progressed up to 5.  Riva and I quit when L and Henny moved up to 2 of the poles being slightly raised. 

Video of Riva and I going over 3 trot poles.

L and Hennessy jumping.

Overall, great ride today.  Riva was forward and only to happy to 'play' with Hennessy.  Few more years and she will be jumping!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Horse Lover's 'Christmas'

Family & I headed to the Hoosier Horse Expo today - one of my fav events of the year!  We had our list in hand, and a budget - did fairly well and crossed many things off our list.  Daughter needed an eventing vest and we actually found one in Western land.  The one thing I don't like about the expo is how much Western gear there is as opposed to English.  But glad we got her vest there, since one of the sales ladies fitted it to her.  We totally would have purchased the wrong size if we bought on-line.

I still need a helmet and white beeches by April 23rd for our first competition.  I do know the helmet I want and the correct size - just have to bite the bullet and order.  I find it much easier to spend $$ on my daughter than on myself.  Still trying to find beeches in my budget that fit.  Will most likely to travel to a tack store next weekend that was at the Expo.  They did not have my size with them.

Day full of much walking - lots of blingy jewelery, belts, purses, and shirts.  I love to look at the Western stuff - but give me Dressage & Eventing anyday!

My lovely daughter on her Henny.