Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Horses

Super ride on Riva today that left me smiling!  We opted for the indoor today due to last nights heavy rains which seemed to bring out the bugs.

The Diva is now getting 3 meals a day on her new feed - plus all the grass hay she wants - and plenty of Kentucky bluegrass.  Couple that with training rides with Alexis, hacks around the property (complete with legit hills), and canters in the pasture and you have a horse that is changing rapidly.  She had a day off yesterday and I was completely surprised with her energy level today, happy attitude, and much more prompt response to aids. 

No new pics today, so will post a pic of Cheers, our OTTB, instead:


We moved Cheers to a new barn today - he is a cribber and the barn owner at the first barn did not want her babies picking up the habit (very small place, we were one of two boarders, plus the BO's horses).  I think the new place will be better for all of us, actually, so not upset in the least about the move.  Cheers is used to a herd and went out with two geldings today with no issues what so ever. 
The new place has an indoor and large outdoor and is between our house and the barn where Riva is - will be much easier to see both horses everyday. has a bathroom :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

What I Love About Sundays

More cantering in the wide open pasture!

We left early Sunday morning to watch a couple of the riders test at the show we hauled to on Friday afternoon.  Gorgeous facility!  All the ladies did a great job and we got to watch a few musical freestyles - one was choreographed to an Aerosmith melody...loved that one!

Pics borrowed from their website :)  Can't wait to show Riva there sometime!  

Got back in time for an afternoon ride.  Temps were in the high 80's so I opted for a short ride outside.  Riva loves it out there and was happy to take me along.  Hoping for good weather this week and maybe some cooler temps.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dreams Really Do Come True!

My mother was born and raised near Flemingsburg, Kentucky, and when I was growing up, we would visit relatives there every summer.  I remember the drives and staring out the window, looking at horse farms along the way and dreaming of riding a horse across those green endless pastures.  Sadly, my relatives did not own horses by the time I came around - just cows, pigs, and chickens.  It seemed so wrong that not a one of them had a horse.

Years later, here I am actually living in the middle of serious horse country.  We have seen so many huge, gorgeous farms in the past few weeks as we drive around, learning our way around our new home state.  And yesterday, one of my dreams can true - I was cantering around a lovely large pasture in KY!

The past few weeks have had there ups and downs, but yesterday was a definite UP day!  We had been asked to haul two horses to an area show in the afternoon by Alexis's new trainer as she has a 3 horse trailer but was taking 5 to this show.  We decided to head to the barn early so I could ride before we hauled others to the show.

The pasture I rode in is Riva's turn out pasture - just her and two other mares.  It has a good size hill with a nice flat area at the back of the pasture.  First time I have ever trotted down a hill and Riva loved it all.

Riva went off her feed for a few days after being totally switched over to her new feed and was a bit lethargic - not her normal Diva self.  After a talk with the vet and feed rep, we switched her to a feed more like what she as on and Indiana.  She perked back up after just one day on the new feed and it back to normal.  We did have to put a grazing muzzle on her due to fence chewing - in Indiana, her pasture was hot wired all around vinyl fencing.

It has also been an adjustment for me as Alexis takes a lesson most everyday on Riva as part of her pay.  There are a few other horses for her to lesson on, but they are laid off due to injuries.  My riding has went from 6 days a week to 2 days a week - other than walking her out around the property.  The training is great for Riva and for that I am grateful.  Hoping the other horses are healthy again soon so my riding days can increase.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Yes - we are now moved to Georgetown, KY!  I am so very far behind on blogging - just got internet at the house today.  Just wanted to post a few pics and will update more later.

First ride on Riva at her new home!
Riva is going to have serious butt muscles soon - lots of hill to ride.
Riva making friends with a lovely gelding.
Cheers, out OTTB, at his new home in KY.
This is my new friend, Diesel!  He lives where we are boarding Cheers.
Looking thru the Diva's ears from the indoor arena.  I still can not believe we live here!