Saturday, January 17, 2015

Year in Review - 2014

Thought I would post a 2014 Year in Review since I quit blogging last year in May.  This should catch everyone up on what The Diva and I have been up to!

Alexis put in daily training rides on Riva to work on responsiveness to the aids and working over her back.  I spent most rides watching from the sidelines and soaking it all in.  We did take a walk thru the KY snow.


Alexis continued with training rides with me in the saddle for the second half of the ride.  We incorporated a box exercise to set visual boundaries to gain control of the outside shoulder.  My Valentine sweetheart!


 I had the chance to watch Alexis ride in a clinic with Conrad Schumacher and gain some valuable tips and exercises to incorporate into my own rides.


Rolex!  First time to attend and it was fantastic!  Alexis and I spent cross country day shopping while my husband took fabulous pictures.  I also got the chance to meet fellow blogger Emme of  ipickcrazy - we met up at our barn and went out for some Mexican afterwards. 


 Learned I won a helmet courtesy of Bit of Britain and Charles Owen from a drawing sign up at Rolex!  I got to order any helmet of my choosing!  Best prize ever :)

Competed at my first show of 2014 at Masterson Station in KY.  Despite a wicked approaching thunderstorm right before I went in the ring

we pulled out a respectable 61.8% and 3rd place for Training Level Test 3.


We move back to Indiana mid June due to my husband's employer.  We decide to move our horses to a different boarding facility than they were previous to our move to KY.  Both horses settle in easily and we get back to work!


At the beginning of July, we have our semi-annual saddle fit appt.  I try out the County Perfection and fall in love!  Definitely on my wish list :)

We attend the July IDS show in Edinburgh and compete Training Level 2 & 3 with the goal being 2 qualifying scores in order to compete in the Fall IDS Championships.  We achieve this goal with scores of  59 % - 4th place & 58.9% - 4th place.


One more qualifying score is needed to compete in the Fall IDS Championship, so we head to Noblesville to compete - our first time at this facility.  We were impressed with the grounds and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere for this competition.  We earn our needed qualifying score and end up Training Level High Point Champion with scores of 63.8% - 1st place & 66.25% - 1st place.


Diva develops a stone bruise, abscess, or lameness from a hot nail a few days after her farrier appointment and we take a few days off.  Next, she clips an inside rear leg hard enough to cause lameness again.  We spend most of this month getting her sound and back to work.


We compete at the Fall IDS Championships on a blustery cold day and do not have the ride I envisioned.  Riva spooks hard twice at blowing over dressage letters and we end with a score of 61% and 3rd place for Training Level Championships.


We have our first lesson with Jennifer Conour since moving to KY and back again to IN.  She gives me a lounge line lesson on Riva to work on my body position and it is a light bulb lesson!  I realize I have been gripping with my thighs and blocking forward movement.


Second lesson with JC and we work on keeping my elbows in the correct position by riding with paper towel rolls under my upper arms.  This is very difficult but so helpful in not giving the outside rein away.  



Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First Ride of 2015

Just a quick post with a video clip of our first ride of 2015!  2nd day of Indiana...and we went for a short hack in the field.

My plan is to get back to blogging on a regular basis!  I have been reading everyone's posts but seriously neglected my own.