Saturday, March 23, 2013

So Very Far Behind

On my blog posting!  Where have 2 weeks gone? 

I had a lesson last Sat with JC which went very well.  We focused on getting Riva sharpened back up to my leg aids for forward and bending.  We have worked on this in several lessons and THIS time, I think I've got it.  Since that lesson, I have had a much more responsive Diva.  I do have to give credit to my daughter for this,  not just JC.

Lex has been able to come out once a week for the past month to ride Riva and give me a lesson.  Last week, she also helped me get her more responsive on the lounge which carried over to the under saddle work.  I have to make it very clear from the moment we step in the ring that I mean business - then I can back off a bit.  Same under saddle.  JC's words keep playing thru my head 'the world better come to an end when you ask for a transition, if you don't get a response!'.  I have to be the leader and stay consistant.  Period.  Just the way it has to be every ride, every time.

That being said, we are working toward our first show in April.  I decided not to show at CAF this Saturday.  Weather plays a factor - despite the calendar saying it is Spring, Indiana does not seem to agree.  Also, our family has some major life changes in the works.  Decision was made to skip the March CAF show and show in Edinburgh in April.  I already sent in my entry form - Training Level Test 2 and Test 3.

I did get outside for 2 rides last week in the outdoor dressage arena and it was such a refreshing change from the dusty indoor.  And last evening, I rode in the outdoor jump arena - despite the temp being about 32.  But the sun was shining and the winds were was heaven!  Riva was very up and looky at first but settled nicely into the ride.  We had some lovely canter circles and diagonals - just floaty feeling.  She walked out a loose rein, not at all concerned about being outside alone.  I love this mare more every day!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Schooling Videos

After 4 days off  - waiting on farrier to get out to fix Riva's shoe, then too bad of weather to drive out to the barn - we got back to work last Wednesday.  Had super rides on Wed and Thurs, so I asked hubby to video a bit on Friday to see how we look.  Was not the best ride of the week - Riva was slipping a lot, as our arena was in bad need of a watering.  And I was not riding my best - will chalk it up to a stressful day at work.  But, after watching the videos, we did not look as bad as I thought :)




Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mud Sucks

This is what I arrived to on Sunday afternoon:

No work for the Diva until farrier can fix this shoe.  If she loses a back shoe, I can still ride her in the indoor.  But a front?  No riding due to her club foot / bad knee without both front shoes. 

I can not complain too much - first time this winter she has lost a shoe or in this case, shifted a shoe almost off her hoof.  Mud is horrible right now.  We get a few hours above freezing everyday just to have it fall below freezing at night. 

What to do...I could start on this:

Oh, Riva loves this :)  Actually, she is not horrible for mane pulling.  My daughter tells me many horses she works with have to be sedated.  But I am slow at it - takes me a few days to get it done.

Pre-shoe shift, we are making progress on the 1 loop portion of the Training Level Test 3.  Canter transitions are improving,  Downward transitions are better than upward.  Waiting on our Coggins paperwork to arrive in the mail in order to mail off our first shows entries for 2013.

Already looking forward to the weekend as our temps are supposed to be the 50's!