Saturday, March 8, 2014

One Year

Even though my blog posts have been few and far between, Riva and I are still working.  This winter has been rough in more ways than one - weather played a huge part and cut our work days dramatically.  Even though we have an indoor, it is not insulated and the footing froze on a regular basis.

The plan going into winter was to work toward showing First Level this season.  I starting hitting a wall with Riva and we were fighting each other more than working as a team....imagine that, with a mare!  Alexis stepped in and had boot camp for about 3 weeks - the trainer rode and I watched.

My sweet husband took some pics earlier this week and put together the following comparison for me:

First pic was taken early March 2013 during a lesson - Second pic March 2014

I was happy to see progress!  Sometimes, I ride day after day and think we are getting no where.  All the thanks to my trainers since we moved to KY - my daughter and husband!

Ky has some gorgeous sunsets - had to share!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Conrad Schumacher Clinic

Before you get too excited, Riva and I did not ride with Conrad Schumacher...though I would love to in a few years!

Alexis had the opportunity to clinic with Mr. Schumacher 3 days last week at her working student position.  I was able to go out one day and watch during my lunch break and my husband came out also to video.

Here is a short video of one of her sessions - sorry but we blocked out the voice and dubbed in music:

In this session, Lex is riding an 8 yr old Dutch Warmblood mare who is for sale.  She was bred to be a Hunter but the owner thinks she would make a better Dressage horse.  Lex has been working with her for about 2 months and really enjoys her.  She rode her for 2 days of the clinic and on the 3rd day, she rode a 4 yr old Holsteiner gelding which was just started under saddle a few months ago.

Fantastic opportunity!  Mr. Schumacher is a wonderful clinician if you get the change to ride with him or to audit a clinic.  I loved that he explained to the auditors why he was having the horse and rider complete different exercises, he was easy to understand (even though he is German), and he was funny!

I was able to pick up lots of pointers for Riva and I - bonus!