Monday, January 13, 2014

Show Me Your Barn Blog Hop

Since I have been uninspired since my New Year's Day post, thought this would be fun.  Joining in on the Show Me Your Barn Blog Hop!

View Of The Barn

Here is the barn where Riva is stalled.  Cheers is pasture boarded.  Nice large airy barn with wide aisle way - has 3 sets of cross ties down the center.  Riva is the 2nd stall on the right as you enter the front of the barn.

Your Horse's Living Space

Riva's stall - has a large blanket bar to the side, a hook for her halter and lead rope.  I like the door to the stall - good for air flow in the summer.  Nice and roomy and she can see everything that is going on.

The Tack Room

Functional  for storing our saddles and bridles. We have our full size wood tack trunk in front of Riva' stall. There is a bathroom behind the tack room and a kitchen.

View of Where You Ride

Indoor arena is 20 x 40 with dressage cones left set up.  The indoor was completed just before we moved here and lighting was just added in December.  I normally have this all to myself - just one other dressage rider at our barn.

Outdoor is huge and there are jumps for anyone to use.  You can also ride anywhere on the property you want, including in the turn out pastures.  

Your Favorite Feature of the Facility

Would be that you can have any trainer come out and give lessons - that would be my daughter for me :)  I like the variety of horses and people at our barn - the owners are Reiners, several event riders, trail and Western Pleasure riders.  Most people here do not ride in the Winter and it is quiet. Riva and Cheers are very comfortable, relaxed, and well cared for here.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Year of the Horse!

Happy New Year!

Starting off the new year with a review of my 2013 goals and looking ahead to 2014.

2013 Goals:

Show at Training Level - schooling shows only:  Accomplished!

Each show - enter a minimum of two tests with scores in the 60's:  Done...until the November show where we did not score in the 60's.

Qualify for and compete at IDS championships in the Fall :  IDS does not allow out of state schooling show scores to count towards championships, so did not meet this goal.

2014 Goals:

Show at First Level - schooling shows only

Each show - enter a minimum of two tests with scores in the 60's

Would like to attend a dressage camp or clinic