Sunday, September 29, 2013


Last weekend, we stumbled upon an event taking place while out sight seeing.  We are still tourist in our new home state and try and get out to see new places every chance we get.  Last Saturday, we planned to visit the small town of Paris, Ky - mainly to check out the antique stores and re-visit a nice tack store where we purchased Riva and Cheers leather halters before we moved.

While at the tack store, which is Quillin's (check it out if you are ever in the area!), I saw a poster advertising for the Secretariat Festival which happened to be taking place that day.  After inquiring with the tack store saleswomen, we decided to check it out after lunch.

So glad we did!

Alexis got a signed poster with this guy -

The jockey from the movie - Otto Thorwarth!  

And this famous lady was signing autographs - the line was super long so we just snapped a pic of her -

Penny Chenery - The First Lady of Racing, Secretariat's Owner

Charlie Davis - Secretariat's exercise rider

There was a silent auction with lots of memorabilia, gorgeous photos...Thoroughbred lover's paradise!

Will post soon a Riva update!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My first week at my new job at USEF was great!  My official title is 'Competition Evaluation Analyst' and there are 4 of us in the Competition department.  Most of my job duties involve processing licenses for shows in all disciplines throughout the US.  Lots of rules and regulations to learn but it is interesting and the woman training me is very patient :)

I wonder how long before driving in thru the horse park-  

and walking into the USEF building, will become normal to me!

My sweet husband took some pics of the Diva and I on Friday evening - wanted to get a nice shot with me in the cowboy boots my former co-workers got me as a good-bye present when we moved from Indiana, so I could send them a thank you.  Miss Riva was patient for most of the photo shoot - until she saw her pasture mate getting turned out for the night.  Then she was all done with playing along!

Have not set on her bareback since we moved!

I think the only time I have ever sat on her without a helmet.

Being patient.
Even got my truck in the shot!  Headed in to the barn.

Saturday morning we went to the Keeneland yearling sale in Versailles.  We had visited Keeneland a few years ago and it was just as beautiful there as I remembered. 

Paul didn't take him camera in since we did not know if it was allowed.  So you get a cell phone pic :)

Keeneland Yearling Sate

Horse after horse went for $100,000 on up for the hour we sat and watched the auction - amazing amount of money changing hands - and this sale goes on for two weeks!  We walked all around the grounds and had lunch outside there.  Can not wait to go back the beginning of October to watch racing there.  They only run races at Keeneland in April and October.

Another weekend activity we have been enjoying since moving to KY is visiting winerys and distillerys - I like my wine and husband likes his bourbon!  We went to a lovely place yesterday called Lovers Leap Winery and then to Wild Turkey Distillery.

 Bought home a bottle of this to enjoy.  

Friday, September 6, 2013

Exciting News!

I finally found a job!!!  I have been searching since the third week we arrived in KY - middle of June, I believe.  Applied to countless jobs, numerous interviews (in person and phone), and job searched every day...but it paid off.

Monday September 9th is my first day at...

So excited!

Due in part to the new job, I decided to move Riva to the barn where we are boarding our OTTB, Cheers.  He is on full pasture board, but Riva has a stall and is on night turn out for now with one other mare.  While I loved the facilities where we previously had Riva (at Alexis's working student barn), it is a training barn. Because of that, I was limited on when I could ride - no problem while I was job searching, but the new job is 8:30 am - 5 pm.  At the new barn, I can ride anytime and she has more turn out time.

Riva settled right in at her new barn - her stall is the second stall as you enter the barn so she can see outside and all the activity going on (which she loves).  Plus everyone thinks she is lovely and stops to talk with her :) The new barn has a large outdoor arena and a small indoor that is next to the barn with the stalls.  There is area to hack around, the BO's live on the property, and there is a bathroom!  One of my requirements!  Plus it is closer to where we live - about a 10 minute drive.

Working in the outdoor last night

Cheers and Lex - coming in to work

The Diva