Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rolex 2015!

This was our 2nd Rolex and it did not disappoint!  We only attended Friday & Saturday - next year, thinking about trying for 3 days.  What is not to love about Rolex?  Where else can you watch Dressage, X-Country, and Stadium Jumping, be surrounded by horse lovers, run into fellow bloggers and friends, and shop all things equestrian?

Friday was a gorgeous day - had me wishing we had reserved open air seats, but you don't know months ahead that is not going to rain.  Since I had watched live stream Dressage all day Thursday, I knew the test but it was great to watch in person.  We spent some time warm-up side to watch, up close and personal - as well as lots of seat time.  I kinda missed the commentary though of watching on my computer.  The daughter and I could not resist getting in a little shopping (scored one of the Smart Pak Piper T-Shirts for 20% off!  Love), plus some free wine tasting from two local wineries, and a little beer sampling from local craft breweries.  Great that the daughter is now 21!

My amazing husband took these dressage photos from the stands - row X - which if you have been there is almost to the top of the covered seats!

Friday night was spent at dinner with a couple of former boarding barn friends at Red State BBQ - seriously, miss that place.  We made some life long friends in our one year of living in KY and it was
so fun to spend time catching up.  And the food...wonderful :)

great to see them!


Saturday the forecast was rain, rain, and more rain with a chance of severe weather.  We were prepared with rain ponchos and water-proof boots - so it did not stop my daughter and me from shopping and watching the x-country action on the jumbo tron in the covered arena.  Scored a boot bag for my tall boots, a schooling whip, a pair of Noble Outfitter socks, and some treats for Riva.  Signed up for all the drawings and picked up some sample products.  My husband was out taking photos of the x-country action till about noon...then joined us since he was soaked despite the rain gear.  We did go out and walk some of the course after the last rider went - thankfully the rain had stopped for the moment.  Amazing to climb those jumps - gives me a whole new appreciation for eventers!

Despite the rain, he got some incredible pics!

Saturday night was just the 3 of us at a Georgetown local bar/restaurant - Galvin's.  They have a good selection of local craft beers on tap so we relaxed with a great drink and food.  If you like craft beer, you gotta try Country Boy - Shot Gun Wedding if you get to Rolex next year.


Sunday morning, we stopped at a Georgetown McDonald's for breakfast before heading home.  Could not believe our luck that our former boarding barn owners were there having breakfast before they headed to a reining show!  We got to talk with them and catch up on how their horses are doing - great couple that we miss seeing on a daily basis.

Heritage Horse Farm - Georgetown, KY

For those of you who have never been to Rolex, I highly recommend making the trip.  We have been to Equine Affair in Ohio once and many times to our local Hoosier Horse Expo, but everything at Rolex is for the Dressage, X-Country, Stadium enthusiast.  Georgetown / Lexington, KY is a wonderful place to visit!

Until next year...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

First Show of 2015!

The Good:

1)  The weather.  Gorgeous!

2)  Daughter/trainer was there to coach me in warm up and read my tests.

 3)  My husband takes amazing pictures and I can see all my position flaws (and yes, that is a good!)

4)  Riva was totally in tune to my every will see this again on The Bad list!

5)  First ever show that Riva never spooked at Anything!

The Bad:

1)  Those amazing pictures show that I kept my left spur in Riva's side almost the entire time and counter bent on the left lead.

2) Riva was listening to my every aid - and I gave way too many!

3)  My scores - judges were fair, so not complaining.

4)  I was way too tense and nervous during my tests - esp. First Level Test 1.

So The Good outweighed The Bad and I it was a good learning experience show for me - probably the best ever.  I have to find a way to ride my tests like I schooled Riva the night before - relaxed, not micro manage her.  Lots of work to do before the next show!


Heartland Pony Club Combined Show - Edinburgh, IN

First Level Test 1:  54.815%  and Fifth Place

Training Level Test 3:  62.273% and Third Place

Also, we always get nice compliments at shows on how pretty Riva is...I can say this without seeming vain since I did not breed her, so I am not responsible for her prettiness :)   When I rode her up to the show office to check in on Friday afternoon, a woman I don't know flat out offered to buy her - pretty sure she was serious!  Another woman on Saturday as we rode down to compete our first test said 'You have my dream horse!'  Another comment heard was she has the most fabulous tail.

Booty shot!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Equine Insurance Recommendations Needed!

I have put this off for too long and seriously just need to get it done!  But would love some input from those of you who have equine insurance for your fabulous ponies. 

What company do you use?  Why did you chose this company?

Thanks in advance for any help you can send my way!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

County Connection Dressage Saddle For Sale!

My lovely very comfortable 2012 County Connection is now for sale.  It is a Wide 17.5 seat with regular leg flaps covered in Bull Leather.  I had it made in 2012 and this saddle has only been on Riva.  It has been checked every 6 months by the same County Saddlery rep and reflocked as needed.  I have all service receipts and our County rep said she would be glad to speak with anyone interested in purchasing this saddle, should the potential buyer have questions.

It has been kept covered in climate controlled tack rooms when not in use and regularly cleaned and conditioned with Oakwood products.  The left side billets were replaced in January 2015.  Saddle comes with County cover.

I love this saddle!  Only reason I am selling is Riva has gotten a bit wider since it was purchased and when I demoed a Wide/Xtra Wide in January, she went much better.  I am also getting a smaller seat size and short leg flaps.

If anyone is interested, please let me know!  And feel free to share with anyone you know shopping for a dressage saddle in excellent condition!