Saturday, August 25, 2012



Had our first ride today after the week of lameness and it was wonderful!  I was so looking forward to our hack today (vet said to just hack out for the first ride) that I dreamed last night about riding.  Woke up early and convinced my loving husband to come along on a Saturday morning and take photos.  Why would you want to waste this gorgeous morning sleeping anyway?


Riva seemed happy to be out - ears forward, eager to trot and a brief canter.  Finished up with a bath and treats.  No swelling in the leg or heat, no lameness, moving just like she was before the lump appeared on her leg.


Just one issue with her limited turn out yesterday - seems a bug found her eyelid.
Kinda looks like she got punched in the eye!  Don't mind me, I look kinda mad...
Only thing Lex said when she saw this pic was 'Mom, pull her mane!'.
Life is good.




Lisa said...

Oh good!!

Karley said...

Love the pictures and yay for a good sound ride!! :)

Hillary said...

yay! glad you had a nice ride back. the property you are at looks lovely! are all of the fences like that?

Anonymous said...

I love good news! :) Those morning ride photos are gorgeous.