Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lame :(

The princess is lame on her left front leg.  Dead lame Sunday - much improved Monday - yet to be seen today.  Makes me want to skip work and go sit in her stall all day.  I know there is nothing I could do, except obsessively clean her stall, keep refilling her water, make sure her leg wraps are ubber secure, mounds of hay constantly in front of the Diva crazy, more or less.  So I will wait until after work to see how my baby girl is doing. Today will be the day we decide if the vet needs called.  If she is further improved and all swelling / heat are gone, I will continue with our course of treatment.  Worse or no improvement, vet call.

Saturday, Lex had her training ride on Riva.  All went well - she did not work her excessively hard or too long.  They worked on canter mostly - getting her speed up and circling the entire outdoor dressage areana, with a few 20 meter circles here and there.  They worked on flexion - some leg yielding - some shoulder in - trot lengthening on the diagonal.  I hopped on afterwards and walked her out around the galloping track.  My oldest daughter was with us, so I gave her a pony ride on Riva also - walking only.  Showered her off and put her up - they are on night turn-out, so Riva was put out to pasture a few hours after the ride.

Sunday was to be my lesson given by Lex.  I pulled her out of the stall and thought she was walking a bit odd - but she appeared to be asleep when we arrived, so thought nothing of it.  No problems till I went to pick up her right front hoof - she did not want to pick it up and once she finally did, she leaned heavily on my husband (who stepped in when he saw I could not get her foot off the ground).  I unhooked her cross ties and walked her forward - 5 out of 5 lame on the left front. 

After a brief crying spell (so I am a tiny bit dramatic, when it comes to lame horses), Lex, husband, and BO all felt and looked at her leg.  There was a swollen spot on the inside of her long pastern and her knee looked swollen - some heat in both areas.  I took her out to cold hose the leg, gave her a gram of bute, and we wrapped her leg with poultice wraps - other leg wrapped just in cotton wraps.  We had her kept in for a night - the BO held a baby sitting gelding in beside her and she seemed pretty content when we left.

Monday evening when we arrived, Riva had managed to remove the right leg wrap but thankfully left the needed left wrap on.  After removing it, I walked her around the indoor and she was much improved - not actually head bobbing but still not 100% sound.  The swelling was way down and no heat.  Cold hosed again, more bute, and re-wrapped.  She got a new gelding buddy last night - TB who had just returned from the vet for hock injections who had to stay in for the night.

Hoping the swelling on the pastern was caused by her opposing rear hoof and we aren't looking at tendon damage.  Her appetite is normal, she was acting like her normal self by last night...probably driving everyone batty by today with two nights without turn out.  Saying a prayer that this evening brings good news.

I am doing some comparision and price shopping for boots - would like them to have some tendon support (since her knee will always be fragile) and want them to be easy to get on and off and washable.  I am leaning toward Professional Choice VenTech Sport Elite Boots - front and rear.  Any thoughts on these or another type / brand?


SprinklerBandit said...

I don't know your climate well, but here are a couple of thoughts:

1) No boots provides tendon support. Protection against interference injuries, yes, absolutely.

2) The professional's choice boots are notorious for holding heat on the legs (which makes horses more prone to tendon injuries in the first place) and retaining water/sand inside, which can create some nasty rubbing problems.

Boots are not a bad idea--it sounds like she hit herself pretty hard. I'd go with something less hot and wet unless you're in a cool, dry climate with non-sandy soil.

Kelly said...

Thanks SB! We live in Indiana, so hot and humid in the summer. Sounds like the PC boots would not be my best choice. Any advice on boots choices would be appreciated!

We are taking her to the vet on Friday - figure an ultrasound will be needed and our vet only performs in office.

L.Williams said...

SB is probably the authority on boots since she's gone through a lot of research and trial with her princess gelding ;)

All I can offer is good thoughts that your mare gets better!

Karen said...

I really like the Pegasus boots I bought for Hampton. They are similar to the Professional Choice sports medicine, but they are much cooler AND you can ride through water in them. I also really like his Roma (I think that's what they are?) open front boots. Plenty of protection (a harder "shell" than the soft Pegasus boots), cool and easy to wash, etc. Hope Riva feels better soon!

Malin said...

NOOOOOOOO!!! So sory to hear this. Poor Diva Riva, stuck inside with all her playmates having a party. I know you are extra vigilant since she has some issues, but this is very likely just a regular old booboo. I hope so..... Hugs

Kelly said...

Thanks all for the Diva's well wishes!

Karen - will look into the Pegasus and Roma. I had not heard that the PC's hold heat. That is why I turn to the experts for advice - fellow bloggers :)

Karley said...

Agree about the PC boots. I have used them and really am not a big fan.

Personally I use/like the Dover Pro Sport Boot (
They are a little stiff at the beginning but after a few wears and a wash i love them!

I've also used Roma open fronts and like them as well.

Hope that miss mare is doing well!

Kelly said...

Thanks Karley! I was looking at the Dover and Smart Pak Pro Sport Boots on-line today. Those are what most riders at our barn use.

Lisa said...

Oh Riva - did you need a few days off? Lol.

I really hope it is not serious Kelly. :(

Amy said...

Hoping for the best tonight. I am no help on the boots I personally have not used any but I am now considering some.

Kate said...

I 100% agree about the Pro Choice boots. I have a pair of medium front elite boots if you change your mind - I never use them. They also trap sand/dirt in the bottoms and rub the fetlocks raw. Roma/Weatherbeeta makes a great, cheap pair of boots that I like to use on Lucy. You can find them for under $40. I also like Dover's fleece lined boots. I bought a pair of the black/white ones about 8 years ago and they are still going strong. When they get dirty, I just throw them in the washing machine! I use them all the time, especially for trailering because I am not a huge fan of wrapping unless it's a long haul. As others have said, they won't protect against tendon injuries but they will protect against the horse knocking itself on something.

Jingles for Riva. I hope she's feeling much better today and no vet call is necessary :)

Kelly said...

Thanks Kate! I have decided to get the Dover or Smark Pak dressage sport boots. Several people at our barn use them and like them.

Mona Sterling said...

I don't have any boot advice, but I'm sending Riva 'get well' vibes! I hope she feels better soon.