Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maybe a Rest was in Order

Would never wish an injury on any horse or rider.  But it seems the time off last week did both Riva and I some good.  We went back to work Sunday evening and she feels amazing!  Lex gave us a shortened lesson, refresher on everything we had been working on before the lameness onset.  We kept the workout on the light side with frequent walk breaks.

When we started on some canter work, that is when I noticed the break may have done Riva and I a world of good.  Lex is normally after me to give Riva a good 'pony club' or 'cowboy' kick to get more speed and power in her left lead canter.  For whatever reason - I was able to do it Sunday!  I had never been able to lift both legs off her side and kick (with stirrups.  I can without stirrups)...something must have happened to my legs during their riding time off.  Not complaining!  The left lead was so nice after that - smooth, effortless, fun to ride.

Sunday night and Monday morning our area got some much needed rain...a little too much.  The indoor arena flooded and the outdoor was very soupy.  Monday evening's ride was a nice long walking hack around the property and some light trot work in the drier end of the dressage arena.  Riva offered canter a few times, but I thanked her and politely brought her back to trot.  Did not want to chance her slipping and more injury.

Tuesday's ride was smile worthy!  I warmed her up around the galloping track - which was still soft mud in spots so we ambled in and out of the just cut alfalfa field that the track borders.  Riva was so funny because she kept trying to go back to the track everytime we got off into the field - I normally keep after her to stay on the track.  She most likely did not understand why I was changing the rules!

We then schooled in the dressage arena that had been groomed so that we could use 3/4 of the arena - back 1/4 still too wet.  This worked out well as I need to practice canter at the A end - that is where we canter for Intro C.  I was so happy with our canter work!  We were consistantly getting the correct lead to the right (Win) and keeping a mostly 20 meter circle at A without Riva trying to exit the arena.  Left was even better with my new found 'pony club/cowboy' kick to keep the tempo up.  I did not go thru my test but am feeling much more confident about the canter portion.  Week from Saturday is out first of two September shows!

I have been cold hosing Riva's left lower leg after each ride just for good measure.  No swelling, heat, or lameness...just over protective horse mom.  So thankful she does not have tendon damage and very happy to be back riding!


Jeni said...

Very good! Love the pics from hacking around post!

Lisa said...

Happy horse posts make me smile. Good luck with your shows this month!

Karley said...

Love that picture!

Yay for being refreshed :)

Achieve1dream said...

Sounds like some great rides! I'm glad Riva is better. :D