Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Friday!

Long Labor Day weekend ahead!  Of course, our area is predicting buckets of rain for the next couple of days.  Ruining my plans of lots of galloping track work!

So, since I am not motivated to focus on work today, thought I would do a little pedigree digging.  Always more fun than work I am getting paid to do, right?

A few days ago, behindthebitblog had a post about young ones for sale with color.  Loved this little foal so did a little looking at the sales web site.

Seems Party Favor has Rainbow in her linage - Rainbow is Riva's sire's sire. (Rainmaker is Riva's sire).  I happened on this website today
that not only highlights Rainbow, but his!  Rainmaker is on the 'kids' page - towards the bottom of the page, he is free jumping in his pic and says Young's Farm on the photo.

I think Riva looks a lot like her grandsire! 


Karley said...

ooo babies.. i want one!

Love the pictures!

Achieve1dream said...

Cool! Her sire and grandsire are both beautiful!!