Thursday, December 6, 2012

Raise your hand if you have OC disorder!

Not only does OCD affect my home and work life, of course it affects my barn life.  They say horses like routine...mine should be estactic!

Since DayLight Savings time ended, it has gotten worse.  As I have mentioned over and over again, I like to ride outside.  Given our very mild Indiana temps thus far for Fall, I can still ride outside.  Problem is, I play beat the clock (or sunset) to get in a decent ride.  All the stars must align for this to occur.

*  must do all errands that are home related before I get to work in the morning

* leave work on time

* quickly change clothes at home, grab carrots & a snack, and get back in the truck

* 30 minute drive to the barn - 35 if I have to stop for a coffee to go!

* arrive at barn hopefully to my mare being in her stall finishing her dinner
   (if this star does not align, most likely will not make it for an outside ride)

* get out tack, grooming box, helmet & gloves, dressage whip

* pull Riva out and do a minimal grooming - tack up

* of course, no talking to anyone at the barn because that will cause the stars to misalign

If all the above goes smoothly, we get about 40 minutess of ride time before it gets too dark.  Makes me tired just thinking about it!  And this occurs 5 days a week.  Saturdays are a day away from the barn and a well deserved rest for Riva - unless we have a lesson or show.  Sunday is more relaxed - no job to hold me up.

Riding at dusk

My husband's sister and her husband were with us for a few days and indulged me by going along to the barn with us on Monday afternoon / evening.  I even talked my sister-in-law into sitting on the Diva - after I wore her out first, my horse that is!  We had a great visit with lots of wine on Monday night and margaritas at my fav Mexican restaurant on Tuesday night.  They live in Bahrain and we had not seen them for 5 years! 

Was so happy with Riva - for a 5 yr old, she gives awesome 'pony rides' :)



Unknown said...

Hi there! New to your blog :)
I play beat the clock, too! And beat feeding time. Since my mare is out in a herd and pasture boarded, she needs to be back with the herd for feeding time. And with Daylight Savings, they are being fed earlier. Frustrating!

Boss Mare Eventing said...

Raising my hand. I have OCD really bad. I have to set my alarm like 100 times before I go to annoying. Luckily I have a big flood light so I can ride in the dark :)

Kelly said...

Allison - Welcome :) Thanks for reading!

BeBe - Right there with you on the alarm clock! We have lights around the outdoor, but I have never checked if they work. All the other boarders think I am crazy already for riding outside with temps in the 40's!

Mona Sterling said...

My lessons are at 7pm so it's PITCH BLACK by the time I get out to the barn. I'm jealous of your outdoor time!

AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

I love the pictures, I to have to admit to being slightly OCD but its only with my riding, not with anything else. So jealous that you get to ride outside xx

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Way OCD about horsekeeping (housekeeping - not so much...)

I can't imagine letting anyone else take care of Val even for a day, though I know it will eventually have to happen. ;D

(Sometimes wish for smaller tined manure forks to catch the tiny poopettes when mucking)

S. Lauren said...

I'm not OCD but I admire your determination. I'm sure it must be paying off!

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate your time management. You still manage to enjoy your outdoor activity without forgetting your horse keeping. Really amazing.

Steph said...

Are those lights on the posts in your outdoor? I only get to ride outside on the weekends as it's far too dark by the time I get to ride.

Hillary said...

Definitely have something...

Glad you had some nice family time and that Riva was good for her pony ride session :)

Bakersfield Dressage said...

Yep, I hear you! My schedule is fine-tuned to seconds. If anything odd happens, my ride goes out the window! Fortunately, I feed one of my boys although neither has an issue with missing out on meals since they're fed in their own stalls. Both get ridden during feeding time, but they know dinner is waiting for them when they're done.

Achieve1dream said...

I have OCD like tendencies, but my behaviors aren't really compulsive so I'm not true blue OCD lol. What's weird is I'm worse at work than I am at home. :)

I'm glad you're managing to find outside riding time. I can't wait for it to start staying light out longer. That's one of the worse things about winter in my opinion!