Friday, November 30, 2012

Thank you readers!

I have the best readers who always come thru for me!  Of all the great comments I received to my last post asking for help with getting the Diva to eat up Red Cell liquid, one that jumped out was from Carly of poorwomanshowing.  She suggested contacting Smart Pak for a free sample of the Red Cell Pellets - before I go to the expense of ordering them.  I promply emailed Smart Pak - they emailed me back within 2 hours and have a 3-day sample on its way to me!  Check out Carly's blog - one of her posts this week had me laughing out loud!

I really do not want to keep adding sweet stuff just to get Riva to eat up the Red Cell liquid and syringing it is a good idea...but, we already give de-wormer that way every 3 months and if she should need oral meds, I don't want to make her hard to give meds by mouth.
Hoping Riva will like the pellets - easiest solution in my mind.

I have been trying to incorporate one day of longeing only into our schedule - Riva gets one day a week completely off (normally, Saturdays, since that is husband and my date night), but every other day, I ride.  Sometimes the rides are short, 15 -20 minutes, sometimes they are longer, 45-50 minutes.  I do mix it up as much as possible - outdoor dressage ring, outdoor jump arena, galloping track, indoor arena ( only when weather forces me!).

More pics from last Saturday's lesson with JC

The past two times I have longed Riva, I feel that we are finally getting it.  I am able to get her to stretch over her back and go long and low, with voice commands.  I can bring her up to a good speed well balanced canter.  I can get her to bend and keep an eye on me on the right lead (that lead she used to counter bend and come in on the circle).  And the best part...Riva had a foamy mouth afterwards!

Riva and I were tired at the end of my lesson - Alexis and Lamiro were still going strong!
On a random note, there is a 'wild' loose cow roaming around the barn where we board.  The neighboring farm has cows, but this one is outside the fence and not that farmers.  I guess the County Sherriff has been called, but this cow has been wandering around all week.  Makes for interesting rides in the outdoor!  Riva wants to keep one eye on that cow and I try and convince her otherwise.  We spent the first half of the ride with me feeling like a giraffe jockey!  I just kept trying different exercises that I have been working on in my lessons with JC until I got Riva's full attention.  My ride lasted a little longer than I anticipated - it was dark when we ended.
Don't get me wrong...every ride is not sunshine and roses...but I can see and feel the progress.  I now know when Riva is behind my leg and not on the bit.  I used to think if her speed was up, all was good.  I feel I have learned exercises to get her working correctly - sometimes it takes multiple ones to get the results I am looking for, but I don't get frustrated like I used to and give up, chalk it up to a bad day.  I work thru it and end on a good note.
Random pic from this summer...just because :)


Karley said...

LOVE Smartpak!! They are so accommodating! :) Hope Miss Mare likes it!

Karen said...

LOL a rogue cow!!
Hope they catch the offender soon.

Carly said...

Yay for SmartPak! Hopefully the pellets pass her taste test!

SprinklerBandit said...

Yay blogger friends! Smartpak is awesome. :)

You guys have come a long way. :)

Hillary said...

SmartPak has always been great for me. I even once made a mistake and ordered a month of a supplement that Houston refused to eat and they refunded me and told me to donate the supplements...

So my trainer just sent me this (see link below) and I think you and the Diva should come :) It is at the KHP your favorite place. Just figured I would spread the word. The close date isn't until next week. :)

AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

Hopefully she won't mind taking the pellets and this will help you out :)

Wow a rogue cow that is deffinately something different, hope they catch him soon and stop him from distracting Riva.

Kelly said...

I should get a pic of that cow! Should not be a problem since no one seems concerned about catching it!

Hillary - thanks for the link! If we end up relocating to KY for hubby's job, I am so there :)