Show Season

Show Season

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feeling Lucky! own this horse :-)  I feel blessed every day that I wake up knowing I have this incredible horse (ok, some days I call her bad names) to ride and work with.  Even when I get to the barn and all 4 white legs are covered in black mud - she is all mine.  At least I know she was out enjoying her pasture and social time!

Just one other rider last night.  Riva does so much better when she is the only one in the arena or just one other rider is working.  More than one, and she feels like she has to defend her territory.  Worked her on the lounge first.  It has really helped this week to get her moving out right away - faster trot - faster canter.  Working her longer at the canter and doing several trot / canter transititons.

Hopped on and she was forward and asking to canter after one circle around the arena on the left rein.  Let her go into canter and we made it half arena.  Worked more on trot and switched her to right rein.  Got the canter transition to the right but couldn't get her to sustain in.  So I concentrated on trot and walk - worked on some circles and direction change.

Once the other rider left the arena, P came out to help encourage the canter.  Got her going on both leads - much better with him on the ground with the lounge whip.  Finished up by working on some leg yields.  Took her down the center line and asked for a few steps of leg yield, both directions, about 3 times down the center line.  Tried in trot and walk.  She did well - much better on the left leg yield to the right, but did some decent right leg yields to the left. 

Riva was eager to work and finished up strong.  Was surprised that she coorperated on the leg yields at the end.  Normally, when I try to work anything in walk at the end, she thinks she is done.  But she kept working - good girl!

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