Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Will Spring Ever Arrive?

Sunday was such a nice change.  Thought about lounging outside, but it was sprinkling when we arrived at the barn.  Went thru our new normal routine of lounging first, then riding.  L and one other rider were working also, so Riva was her normal mareish self - ear pinning at the boys - but focused 90% of the time.  We just worked walk and trot - didn't attempt canter with the traffic. 

When L and I finished up riding, we decided to walk and cool out the horses outside.  L stayed on Henny and rode him around the property - I hand walked Riva.  She was most interested in the little bit of grass that is appearing.  She was relaxed - so was Henny.  We decided to take them in to the jumping arena for a stroll also.  Henny got excited and thought he was going to get to jump - poor guy.  The sand in the arena was fresh from the rain - no hoofprints yet.  I walked Riva in a straight line to check her tracking up - and she is doing awesome - her back feet land just a bit ahead of where her front feet hit - good girl!  Trotted her in hand a bit - wow...she is really looking like a hunter - long low frame and head level - lovely :-) 

Monday we arrived at the barn to a partially flooded indoor arena.  With the hard rains the night before, it left a large puddle in one end of the arena.  BO did not close one of the over head doors the night before, not thinking we were to get that much rain.  So, no lounging last night.  Hopped on and got Riva working.  One other rider and L also - so we were a bit cramped.  Too cold and wet to try outside - so we did our best.  Shortened our ride - lots of trot work, transitions, worked on speeding up the trot on the long sides and collecting on the short sides.

I plan to spend some time tonight working in hand on Riva's right bend - she is getting better - doesn't counter bend but still stiff.  Want to also work on her turn on the forehand from the ground to translate under saddle.  So tempting though just to ride - I waited so long to be able to.  But I know the exercises on the ground will only make her better under saddle. 

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