Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting the Bend

Need to do some catching up on the last 3 rides!

I have not been able to lunge Riva before our rides the past two days - due to many other riders in the indoor arena.  Weather has not been good enough to ride outdoors this week.  But today - I was able to lunge her first.  She was really forward and listening - but, all the horses had their Spring shots today and Coggins test - so I was not supposed to work her hard enough to get warm...figures!  Anyway, P had me try raising my lunge line hand and keeping it up when I ask her to canter.  This really helped get her off the forehand and working from behind.  She also didn't throw her head, buck, do anything silly.  Hoping this will translate to under saddle.

Have been working mainly trot - keeping Riva forward and engaged.  Today, another rider was having a lesson with the BO in one half of the arena - so Riva and I kept to the Mare pasture end of the arena.  First big news - we rode with the big overhead door open, that opens out to the Mare pasture.  Riva went by it and never tried to bolt out with she did a few times last year!  So - she is growing up!

We worked on bending 20 meter circles.  I have a really hard time doing the things I know I should be doing - keeping my heels down, kicking only when I need to, keeping my lower legs still.  So P came out and coached me while I rode.  This works really well, when I am in the mood to be told what to do - fortunately for him, tonight was a good night!  It does help to be reminded of these things while I ride.

We also worked a bit on some shoulder in at the walk and turn on the forehand.  I finished up with some in hand work to reinforce - and Riva was good.  Really lovey and sweet tonight - probably just tired from the vet visit!

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