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Show Season

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lesson night

Love, love lessons with our trainer!  L and I both had lessons tonight.  L had not planned on a jumping session - the outdoor jumping arena has not been raked recently and is too hard.  L warmed up in dressage tack before our trainer arrived.  Trainer walked in and said 'we aren't jumping tonight?'.  So...quick tack change and they jumped!  She set up trot poles - up to 5 - then threw in a low vertical.  Upped to 2 then 3 low verticals and kept raising them a bit.  Henny did great - as did L.  I always get a bit nervous though watching my baby girl jump.  Especially in the indoor when they have to make a quick turn at the end of the arena. 

I warmed up Riva outside on the lunge in the dressage arena.  She went really well - one of her pasture mates was lunging outside also and I was very happy to see Riva paying more attention to me than her pal.  I put her back in her stall while L had her lesson then got her ready to ride.  Our trainer asked how Riva has been going since our last lesson.  I went over that we are having some sticking issues again and that even though she is picking up the canter everytime and when I ask, I can't get her thru the corners.  I asked our trainer if she would hop on and ride her thru canter.

Out trainer is always game so up she went first.  She got Riva moving  - had to wave the whip at her a bit and growl at her a few times.  She got her up to canter - the 2nd corner she tried to push her thru, resulting in first a cow kick - then a double barrel buck - followed by one more double barrel buck.  When Riva realized not only was our trainer not coming off, she wasn't giving up!  So off Riva went :-)  Trainer got her full arena, at canter on both reins, before I got on.

I hopped up and Riva was forward, listening, lovely!  We worked a bit of trot to halt to trot transitions.  While she was not very fast to halt - she was quick to trot.  We went right in to asking for canter after that.  The first canter on the left rein - she tried to stop and buck at one end of the arena - I growled and kicked and got her going again.  Our trainer - poor thing, surely worked for her pay tonight - spent a good deal of time running from one end of the arena to another with a lunge whip to keep Riva cantering thru the corners.  But it worked!  We cantered both reins more than I have ever cantered Riva.  She does find the right lead harder and flying lead changed twice on that lead.  Note to self - she can flying lead change so when that teaching moment comes - no excuses!

Riva trotted long, low, and stretchy at the end and flowed in to a nice big walk.  She walked out so nice - think she was happy the crazy lady was not cracking the lunge whip and yelling at her to go :-)

Great lessons= sore body for me and L  Off to soak in a lovely epsom salt lavender bath - bliss!

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