Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ride the horse you have right now

But I liked the horse I had at my lesson Sunday afternoon!  The one I had Monday night was sleepy and pretty lazy.  We were told the mares were all running the fence line yesterday...probably all going in to heat...sigh.  So Riva was tired - she fell asleep while I was grooming her - which is NOT her norm.  Granted, grooming took some time.  My lovely horse, who never rolls, was a mud ball.  Got her cleaned up - kinda - and got her ready to lounge.

Ok - who took the horse I had Sunday?  Sunday - she was lovely on the lounge, and full of energy.  Monday - not so much.  Had to really get after her to get a canter and could not hold it long.  L was already riding and no one else was in the arena.  So she was not distracted - just Western Pleasure Pony.

Took her to the mounting block and got on.  Riva walked off fine - went into trot easily, but it was not the energetic faster trot that I wanted.  Had to keep after her constantly to almost get it.  I asked for canter after some wam up trot work - was able to get the upward transition, but no good at keeping the canter more than on the long side.  On the left rein, she threw in a buck at the canter as we got to the first corner - BAD MARE!  I yelled and growled at her for that one and asked again.  This time, she tripped on some scrap wood in the arena.   Henny tripped over it also, so I couldn't get after her for that one.

Decided to give up on canter for the night - Riva just was not going forward enough.  Was able to get her trot speed up after the canter tries, though.  Worked a lot of 20 meter circles and changing diagonals.  Worked some on walk/trot/halt transitions. 

All in all, not a terrible ride.  So much better than we were a few months ago.  I just get a bit discouraged that we are not progressing more at the canter under saddle.  I try not to worry about it - after all - I am still learning to cue the canter and ride it.  She is still getting her balance with me on her.  Just keep on asking and trying - that was Sarah's advise for the canter work.

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