Show Season

Show Season

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shot Heard Round The World

Well - it was loud!  Let's just say I think we are ready for our first show in April - at least in the distractions department.  Our barn's neighbor decided to shoot off his shot gun last evening while I was riding in the outdoor jumping arena - not just once, but twice!

I do have to give credit to the Diva - she handled it pretty well,  We had been working awhile, lots of trot work and trotting over ground poles.  She was carrying her head pretty high - we were the only ones riding outside last evening - but over all, she was listening.

We were coming toward the fence on the barn side of the arena when the shot gun blasted.  Riva jumped forward, toward the fence, thought about spinning and bolting, but I one reined stopped her and she kinda skidded to a stop.  Then the skid caused some dirt, rocks to fly and hit the fence.  This startled her again and she kinda set back and tried to spin again.  I got her stopped and turned around - facing the property where the shot came from.  I was keeping her halted and talking to her, telling her what a good brave girl she is and the gun went off again.  This time, she didn't even flinch - but I jumped!

Ok then...get off or keep working, not knowing if neighbor was going to keep shooting or not?  Decided to work just a bit more to end on a better note.  Got her trotting again and took her once more over the 5 ground poles P had set up in a straight line.  Got our best pass of the night that time.  Walked her around the entire arena and called it a night.

I was glad we rode outside - supposed to rain all day today and it is such a nice change to get out of the indoor.  Bonus to riding in the outdoor jumping arena - L and I are usually the only ones who use it.  L is the only jumper right now at our barn and all the other rider's like the outdoor dressage arena.  With Riva being so young, and it is Spring time, I like being surrounded by the higher fencing!

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