Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4 Wheeler - No Problem!

My husband was working on raking the outdoor jumping arena this evening, when I brought Riva out to ride.  We had warmed up nicely in the indoor.  Riva is doing so much better at holding a nice steady canter on the lounge now - I barely have to use the lounge whip.  Another boarder was starting a lesson in the indoor - so after lunging we head outside.

Brought Riva in to the jumping arena - she stood like a lady for mounting and moved right out in to a big swingy walk.  Picked up a trot after walking down the long side - no hesitation and good speed (thanks to our lovely trainer!).  Riva paid no attention to my husband going around the arena - on the 4 wheeler plus pulling the rake.  Talk about a distraction - good mare!

Only time she jumped a bit was once she got a look at the cows in the neighbors pasture.  Now she sees these cows all the time, when we ride outside, but today they must have looked different.  One other tiny spook was going by one side of the arena where my husband had stood up some trot poles and leaned them against the fence.

Riva was so fun to ride tonight - yeah!  She was forward, good consistent speed, listening - these are the rides that make all the work, worthwhile.

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