Show Season

Show Season

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Follow the Leader

Riva had some much needed guidance on her 20 meter circles this evening, from her big 'brother' Hennessy.  L and I rode outside in the dressage arena - yes, 49 degrees and sunshine is not so bad!  We worked on one end of the arena with L & Henny a half circle ahead of Riva and I, at the trot.  We worked circles, on both reins, mostly at the trot with some walk breaks.  Riva did really well at this.  We were able to keep the horses at consistant speeds.  This exercise really helped me keep Riva on the circle and working longer than normal.

L decided to head outside of the arena to ride Henny around the pond and the perimeter of the farm.  She had walked this with him many times, but never at the trot.  Since she plans to enter quite a few combined and eventing shows this season - good to start getting him moving outside the arenas. 

Riva was not thrilled about this.  She was whipping her head around trying to keep track of Hennessy.  Never mind that she 'pulls faces' at him (as our trainer calls it) every time they get near each other - she still did not want him leaving her behind!  I kept her working for a while longer to let her know she can work with out him.

Riva did fairly well at re-focusing until I said ok to walk out of the arena.  Once her hooves hit the grass, she thought she could run after Hennessy.  She quickly learned I would NOT let her do that.  I dismounted, led her back to the indoor arean, re-mounted and put her back to work.  She was an angel inside and we ended on a good note.

At our first show at HHP, I have them stalled next to each other.  We will see how this goes - may have to stall them apart at the next show.  With L being a working student this summer, and taking Henny with her, hoping that breaks some stall bound habits for Riva.  Plus, she will have to trailer alone during June & July.  Time for the baby to grow up!

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