Show Season

Show Season

Friday, April 1, 2011

Horse Lover's 'Christmas'

Family & I headed to the Hoosier Horse Expo today - one of my fav events of the year!  We had our list in hand, and a budget - did fairly well and crossed many things off our list.  Daughter needed an eventing vest and we actually found one in Western land.  The one thing I don't like about the expo is how much Western gear there is as opposed to English.  But glad we got her vest there, since one of the sales ladies fitted it to her.  We totally would have purchased the wrong size if we bought on-line.

I still need a helmet and white beeches by April 23rd for our first competition.  I do know the helmet I want and the correct size - just have to bite the bullet and order.  I find it much easier to spend $$ on my daughter than on myself.  Still trying to find beeches in my budget that fit.  Will most likely to travel to a tack store next weekend that was at the Expo.  They did not have my size with them.

Day full of much walking - lots of blingy jewelery, belts, purses, and shirts.  I love to look at the Western stuff - but give me Dressage & Eventing anyday!

My lovely daughter on her Henny.

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