Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Power Float Today

After having last week off for Spring Break, I took today off to meet the vet for Riva's 2nd power float ever.  Last Spring, she had it done and a wolf tooth pulled.  She did really well last year, so fingers crossed all goes well today.  I plan to try and take a few pics, if my vet has enough assistants with her so that my hands are free.

L and I rode inside last evening.  I am so over the cold and rain!  Riva was full of energy.  BO had brought them in early yesterday since the weather was so crappy.  Riva body languange was 'get me outta this stall now!'.  Put her on the lunge and had to reinforce when I saw walk, walk now.  Canter was lovely and consistent speed without a lot of coaxing.

Got on and after some trot work, I asked P to come out and help me try canter.  I had not worked canter since my lesson a week ago.  Riva wanted to rush into the canter from trot on the left rein, but not the right.  She picked it up every time - P only had to reinforce from the ground once with the whip.  She held the canter 3/4 arena on both leads.  I went back to trot work and asked for canter once more later in our ride.  She picked it up on both leads and held it down the long sides of the arena. 

Riva started having issues when another mare entered the arena to work.  I swear the old 2 is company, 3 is a crowd should be Riva's motto.  Even though she pins her ears at Henny, she works great in the indoor arena with him.  But add one more horse, and she turns into angry mare.  She had a few sticks and I had to spin her and growl to get her moving.  I was experimenting with sitting the trot for a few strides before posting - I noticed this was getting Riva to step out into trot at a better speed.  I had been working on this on the left rein, before the other mare came in.  I wanted to try a few times on the right rein before we ended for the night.  I did manage to get her mind off the other very mellow mare and we ended on a good note.

On a side note, I learned the other mare will be at our first show and in the same class as us.  Hoping we can warm up in different arena that morning, or the Riva will not even notice her.  One can hope!

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