Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Windy but Warm

Can't complain too much about the wind today - since it was 75 this afternoon and sunny!  So loving being able to get outside, if it is only to lunge.

Despite the wind gusts, sand flying, and I have no idea if she could hear me - Riva did awesome on the lunge today, WTC.

Lovely 'heart' side

And the 'black' side

L was wanting to jump Henny - just too windy, so we headed back inside to ride.  P set up trot poles to get Hennessy and L warmed up to jump - took Riva over at a trot.  Started with 2 poles and progressed up to 5.  Riva and I quit when L and Henny moved up to 2 of the poles being slightly raised. 

Video of Riva and I going over 3 trot poles.

L and Hennessy jumping.

Overall, great ride today.  Riva was forward and only to happy to 'play' with Hennessy.  Few more years and she will be jumping!

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