Show Season

Show Season

Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Farrier Visit

I gave Riva Fridy & Saturday off.  Just had the feeling that something was up with that right front club foot after shoeing on Wed.  She just seemed a bit off on the right rein trot on Wed evening.  Thursday, a bit more off.  L was jumping outside, so I just rode around the jumping arena and watched her mainly.

Sunday, I put her on the lunge first.  The trot on the right rein was definitely giving her trouble - bobbing her head everytime that right front hit the ground.  My husband cut most of the pad off the foot.  Even though our farrier had packed it - it was still full of sand and little rocks.  I got on and tried to work her through it, but she was still off.

Went out today thinking it might be better now that she had some time with the pad off.  Put her on the lunge and though she was willing to pick up a faster trot , still showing pain when that foot hit the ground.  Husband called the farrier and he is coming out tomorrow morning to check her.

So, decided to use the rest of my barn time tonight taking her for a walk.  I have not gotten up the courage yet to ride her on the trail around the hay field on our barn's property.  I long lined her around it a lot last summer - sometimes with a buddy horse, and sometimes alone.  But I had not taken her around it yet this year.  Riva did well - just walked her with her bridle with the lunge line atttached.  She was looky, but kept out of my space and walked at a nice pace. 

Will see what tomorrow brings!

                                                  Hennessy & Riva looking less than thrilled
                                                                to pose together :)

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achieve1dream said...

Good luck with the farrier! Keep us posted.