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Show Season

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lesson Tomorrow Night? I Hope...

I called the farrier yesterday to give him an update on Riva - see if we should keep treating - if the lingering lameness is normal, etc.  He is coming out tomorrow evening to re-check her and is bringing some super concentrated medication for the thrush.  He is surprised she is still off - but he did say the thrush is deep, he had to cut away quite a bit of frog to expose the thrush - so not floored that she is not 100% better.

We gave Henny & Riva Sunday off - didn't even go out to visit.  L and I rode Monday night - was to have a lesson, but we postponed to Thursday due to severe weather and Riva still being off.  I lounged Riva Monday night - she was pretty sound to the left, wanted to canter, canter, canter :)  But she nicely dropped her head and went long and low in a nice trot to the left by the time we finished on that rein.  To the right - still off, bobbing head at trot.  Canter was a little choppy and she could not sustain it long.  She did stay on the correct lead, though, instead of her constant switching.

I got on and she was lovely on the left rein.  Very nice, forward trot work and walk.  Even got her into canter on the left lead - kept it for 3/4 of the arena.  Switch to right rein and she was very sticky - did not want to go forward.  I tried getting her back in trot on the left rein and figure 8 ing in to right rein - she figured that one out quickly.  Stop, refuse to go forward, cow kick when showed the crop - sigh.  Decided not to push the issue and walked her out.

Plan to go out tonight and see if there is any improvement.  Our farrier said to not worry about treating with the Thrush Buster for the next few days - until he can treat her with what he is bringing. 

Rain, rain...go away!!!  Not helping my baby's foot :(

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achieve1dream said...

If he had to cut away a lot of the frog it could be from that too. They build callouses on their frogs so if those were removed she may be sore. Are you using salt water or something else to harden the frog and sole so it isn't so sensitive? Let us know what the farrier says. I hope she's feeling better soon. And yeah I wish the rain would stop too. It really sucks. :(