Show Season

Show Season

Friday, April 22, 2011

Are We Showing Saturday?

Still don't know if Riva will be sound by then.  We have been treating her thrush every day since Tuesday.  Every evening I have put her on the lounge to check for improvement.  Last night she was not favoring the foot as much.  And she has all this energy!  Even though she favors the foot at the trot, she doesn't want to stop trotting...and at the canter, it is barely noticable. I hopped up in the saddle for a few minutes - she really bobbed her head with my added weight on her. 

So we gave her a much needed bath - she was good for it, except for her tail.  She hates the wetting down and rinsing - even with the warm water.  Treated the foot and put her to bed.  Hoping she stays clean today...most likely that will not happen!  We are supposed to get rain today and severe weather tonight.  Will make for lovely loading up for the show, driving, unloading at the show.  We did load all our tack last night.   And we know which barn and stalls are horses are to stay in.  Love that!!  HATE getting to a show - not knowing which barn and stall they are to stay in - and not being able to find the show office...and the worst is you pull in just after the show office has closed for the night.  That is really frustrating!

All in all, it has been a stressful week.  I hate not knowing if Riva will be sound by tomorrow.  I have been in a terrible, self pitying, crying mood.  Several people from our barn are going to this show - everyone was getting ready last night.  It is hard for me, since this was to have been our show debut.  Riva will go along regardless and I will at least be able to walk and possibly ride her around the show grounds, which is still a good experience for her.  And she keeps Hennessy company in the trailer and will be stalled next to him. 

I am trying to not let it get me down...we have YEARS of showing ahead.  I am also trying to stay positive for L - she will be showing combined training at Starter level tomorrow.  First time for her - she did Intro tests and Green as Grass combined training all last year.  Henny will be great if L stays calm and relaxed.

Will post lots of pics regardless of if Riva and I get to show.  And I might just wear my dressage clothes :)

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achieve1dream said...

Awwww I hope you get to show!! Well, this comment is really late so the show is already over, but I really hope you were able to. I can't wait to see pictures.