Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lunge line cantering

Sunday, Monday, and today were all good rides!  I lunged and rode on Sunday & Monday in the indoor arena.  P helped me both days on the ground when we worked canter.  Riva is doing better each time - she is picking up the canter willingly and easily.  She hasn't been rushing or getting anxious about it.  Both days, L and I walked around the property to cool out Riva and Hennessy.  So nice to get outside and have some mild weather!

On Sunday evening, I took her in the wash bay and hosed her off.  Our barn recently had warm water hooked up and I wanted to see how she would do.  Last year, she hated being sprayed - hated the wash bay.  She walked in and stood nicely to be hosed off.  She pawed a few times, and that was it!  So Monday night - full bath time.  Riva did great - got a lot of the winter dirt and hair off.  She smells 100% better!  Maybe she is growing up.

Today, sawdust bedding was being delivered as I tacked up Riva, so we headed outside to lunge.  She warmed up well lunging in the dressage arena.  We decided to try some canter work with me in the saddle and P putting her on the lunge line.  P said Riva looked really confused at first - but she was a superstar.  She didn't get silly, rush, throw her head - so proud of her!  We worked canter on both leads.  On the left, she really smoothed out and got in the rhythm.  To the right, she was tending to fall in on the circle - but did better as we went.

Took her off the lunge and worked trot in the outside dressage arena.  Went thru Intro Test B with her.  She did well, except for the walking parts!  If we could only trot the entire test...Ok, our circles still need work.  But not bad!

Riva has been so lovely and sweet this week.  Normally, when I put her back in her stall for the night, she is only interested in what is left of her hay and ignores me.  Recently, she turns back around when I walk out and visits thru the bars.  Maybe she just wants to make sure I remember to bring back her treats before I leave...but it is nice all the same.

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