Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stall Fever

I am sure all the horses are feeling cooped up.  They have been kept inside since the ice storm hit last Tuesday.  The pastures and all around the barn is still an ice rink.  Lovely Indiana weather.

This afternoon, L and I were to have a lesson with our trainer.  We decided to postpone to next Sunday, due to the weather.  I really look forward to our every other week lesson and missed not having it today. 

I warmed up Riva and worked on things from our last lesson.  Lots of trot work.  She was pretty forward and listening.  Little trouble with halt at first - she was interested in keeping up with Hennessy.  We worked trot on both reins and then went to 20 meter circles.  Riva was fine on the right rein.  Everything on the right rein is easier for her at this point.  Left rein is our problem area.  When I asked for a 20 meter circle on the left, she avoided big time. 

L was trying to give me suggestions, and asked if I wanted her to hop on Riva and see what she could do.  Riva gave her the same problem - fell out on her right shoulder and threw a fit about turning.  L had a bit of a 'discussion' with her and tried again.  What ended up working was starting with a very tight circle on the left rein - holding the outside rein tight and opening the inside rein.  Also kicking only with the outside leg and holding the inside leg still.  Then L kept increasing the size of the circle until they were on the 20 meter circle.  Worked!

I hopped back on to try it and all went smoothly.  I gave Riva a stretching walk break after that and then did some more trot work on a long loose rein.  She loves this and will keep lowering her head when she is praised. 

I truely believe a lot of her resistence and I want to do it my way attitude can be chalked up to no pasture time, boredom with being in the stall, and pent up energy that she doesn't know what to do with.  Hard to be 4 yrs old and in time out!

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