Show Season

Show Season

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can't quit smiling!

I wish I had a video of the big smile I had on my face when Riva picked up her first trot under saddle tonight...I have my girl back and I could not be happier!  Much as I appreciate the fact of having Cheers or Hennessy to ride the past week, nothing takes the place of my own horse.  It was like floating on a cloud!

Started Riva on the lounge first tonight - even though L and two other riders were out in the arena.  I didn't want to chance immediately getting on, after a week off of lounging or riding.  She was kinda lazy on the lounge surprisingly.  Had to keep after her to move out.  Started her to the right first tonight, which I always start to the left.  That kinda confused her, but she did fine at w/t/c.  When I switched her to the left rein, I had the best canter that I have ever gotten out of her on the lounge.

Got on, and the girl was ready to go - very forward.  I keep reading that you have to ride the horse you have tonight.  Well that horse wanted to trot and trot fast!  So we worked first on trot/walk transititions - walk a few strides, trot a few strides, walk a few strides.  That settled her and got her listening.  Then moved up to faster trot on the long sides of the arena, more collected on the short sides.  Had fabulous fast trot on the left rein - no breaking to canter or throwing her head.  Right rein was good - but not as good as left. 

Had one bad moment tonight.  I was giving her a walk break on a loose rein and she decided to charge at Hennessy - teeth barred - like I was not even up there!  Bad, bad mare...I do not know what gets in to her sometimes.  So of course the rest of our ride, I had to keep tight contact when going near Hennessy and the other horse that was still working. 

Good news was she seemed to forget she ever gave me any trouble on a 20 meter circle on the left rein - did all that asked her to do tonight with ease and no 'back talk',  She gave me some trouble with the first right 20 meter circle though, always something!  But we worked thru it and ended on a good note.

Decided not to try canter tonight - esp after the mare moment with Hennessy.  Will hope I have the arena to myself tomorrow night and can work on.

Here are a few still shots from tonight - kinda blurred - taken with P's cell cameraL

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