Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Princess Diva lost a shoe today - so no ride for us this afternoon.  Very have to wait for our farrier to come out.  With her right front being a club foot, she is very off balance when she loses a shoe.  Puts her shoulders way out of alignment.  Been told by our trainer and farrier not to ride her when she has just one shoe on.

So I groomed her up - trimmed her mane quite a bit (every time she loses a shoe, her mane gets shorter).  I keep telling Riva that she is going to end up maneless one day!  Took a few pics of her in the cross ties - looking very bored.  Carrot stretches and back to her stall.

I really want to keep by riding muscles in shape, esp since I am not running this winter.  The older I get, the less I can take the cold.  So Cheers got put to work tonight.  I asked P to lunge him first - he was a little crazy, esp at the canter.  Lots of racing around and bucking - Cheers can be very dramatic.  Hopped on and he was pretty good.  I have a lot less trouble when him now that I have been riding and training Riva.  My confidence and assertiveness have increased so much.  And Cheers feels it.  He didn't pull any of his usual stop and refuse to move, or cow kicks, bucks, etc.  He walked and trotted very nicely.  I forget he is much more sensitive than Diva though...I spurred him when asking for a faster trot and he went from 0 - 60 a lot quicker than I anticipated!  We worked some circles and change of direction.  The best part was, he let me hug on him a bit after the ride - ok, who switched Cheers with another horse?  Gotta love him.

Here is the pic of Riva looking sleepy and bored with me -

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