Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lesson afternoon!

After a month without ... L and I got our lessons!  We both had productive, fun lessons and things to work on for the next two weekds.  Sarah had me show her Riva's trot both ways as we warmed up - said she is very happy with the way she is going, holding her head, tracking up - she said she sees much improvement in the past few months.

Sarah had us first work on some 20 m circles, both directions.  Then, had us circle one way, as we come around the circle to switch to a few strides straight and then change the direction and bend.  I had trouble with this one, and Riva struggled with it - something to work on the next 2 weeks.  Riva had about zero bend on her right rein trot.  I think I will work in some short reining over the next 2 weeks to help work on her end.  Then we did some work on turn on the haunches.  Sarah had us work in a square - walk forward, halt, turn on the haunches in and repeat all 4 sides of the square.  I don't know that Riva quite understood this and was a bit annoyed.  I think I will work her in hand on this some in the next two weeks and reinforce under saddle.  Riva knows how to do it from the ground work we have done.  I just need her to figure it out under saddle.  Then we went to canter.  First of all, by this time, a boarder was at one end lunging her horse.  Not just any horse - one that Riva dislikes.  So Sarah said to get Riva trotting and ask for canter at C - this was on the left lead.  First time around, I lost my right stirrup and just could not cue her correctly.  Try again - success!  We had an entire lap of the areana - all 4 corners.  First time ever and Sarah didn't have to chase Riva with the lounge whip - yeah!  We switched to right lead - got an entire lap on the rein also, after a few attempts.  I was thrilled!

I feel more confident each time I canter Riva.  I am feeling more secure and Riva is not rushing in to it or head tossing, bucking, kicking, etc.  We cantered past the hated boarder horse, on both leads, and Riva made no attempt to run into or over him - Yeah girlie!  Course now P says - see you can canter in traffic...that is with my super trainer there cheering me on...we will see.  I told Sarah she needs to make me a recording that I can play on my MP3 while I ride.  Or maybe listen to while I sleep and the subliminal messages will become ingraved in my mind.

L had a fab lesson also.  They worked on getting Henny to lower his head at the canter.  Sarah had her get him really moving on a 20 m circle, with L in 2-point.  I don't know how L does it - I would have been off Henny after half a lap, fast as he was moving.  Anyway - sure helped.  Henny and L had a few lovely moments of canter with his head done.  Certainly something for them to work on the next few weeks.

P took video of my lesson.  Will get that up the next few days.

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