Show Season

Show Season

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Girl is Growing Up!

Past 2 evenings have been great rides with Riva.  Since our lesson Sunday, she has been forward and listening.  Trot speed is so much better and canter is coming easier.  I know my confidence is growing also, which only helps Riva.

Last night, just myself and one other rider were in the arena.  The other horse is one of Riva/s 'boyfriends', meaning she loves and hates him at the same time.  She pinned her ears twice at him, when she thought he was in her personal space - but other than that, she was focused and working.  We got in canter on both leads - about 3/4 of the arena each direction.  Lots of really nice trot work and circles.

Tonight, two other riders in the arena.  Riva was much more 'mareiss' - lifting her head and pinning ears, trying to veer into them, etc.  Kept working - got one canter each directions and quite a bit of good trot work again.  20 meter circles were a little tougher tonight on the left rein again, but once she got it, they were good.

I do love this horse!  She is a blast - always makes me think and work - I am blessed to have this girl :-)

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