Show Season

Show Season

Monday, February 14, 2011


On the farrier to call back and get a day / time to put Riva's shoe back on.  Just got to groom her up again - straighten out her mane that was not as evenly cut as I thought last night - carrot stretches & hugs.  Left her winter blanket off - supposed to be a lot warmer tomorrow and hopefully the horses will finally get to go outside.

Rode Cheers again tonight - poor guy was thinking he was permantly retired.  Better than last night.  He settled in and listened pretty well.  Rode with some traffice - L riding Hennessy, and two other riders in the arena.  Cheers has come along way from when we first got him and he thought he was in a race with every other horse.   He has a great halt and back up - wish that would rub off on Riva! 

Just lucky to have a back up horse to ride when Riva loses a shoe.  Course once P gets a saddle to fit him and Cheers, he might not share him anymore!

                                          Cheers at Hoosier Horse Park Oct. 2009

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