Show Season

Show Season

Friday, February 18, 2011

First lunge outside for 2011

Can't believe it - but we lounged outside, in Feb., in wind  - and all went well!  Got Diva ready to lounge and the sawdust bedding truck arrived.  So P suggested I lounge her outside while the sawduct truck was in the arena.  Umm - ok...BO had just come in from lounging her horse, who is a mare also, and older and said she was crazy.  But I'll try!  Riva was a rock star - was a little looky at everything but did great.  Had to start with words and whip to get a few transitions, then switched to just whip and body language and she listened!  Success!

Took her back inside to ride, since the sawdust truck was leaving.  And it was getting chilly and dark outside.  Got on and put her to work at the trot - circles, lots of change of rein across the diagonal.  No one else was in the arena so we could change it up a lot.  Riva was not as forward as last night - but was listening.  We worked on lengthening and speeding up the trot on the long sides and collecting on the ends - she did really well on both reins.  Threw in some stretchy trot - just using legs, seat, and shoulders to turn - still good.  Tried to put her thru the old Intro A dressage test - was doing really well until half-way thru the free walk - I think Riva just does not get the point of all that walking,, she gets bored.

P came out and we tried a few canter transitions - she was great!  Did two on each lead - kept it on the long sides of the arena, but lost it in the corners.  Hoping to work more on her canter this Sunday during our lesson.

All in all - great rides the past two nights.  Still smiling!

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