Show Season

Show Season

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Get to ride my girl tomorrow night!

Yay!!!  Farrier is able to work her in tomorrow afternoon.  Has been 6 days since I got to ride Riva.  Cheers will  be happy that he gets to go back to retirement for awhile.  Rode Hennessy last night - gives me a whole new respect for L's riding.  My back always hurts after riding Henny - his trot is much more up and bouncy than Riva's.  Rode Cheers tonight - he does really good for about 15 minutes, then starts getting tense and fussy.  I chalk most of that up to Riva's saddle being too wide on him and it starts hurting him.

Since Riva gets her shoe back on tomorrow, L and I get lessons with our trainer this Sunday.  Has been one month since we had our last lessons.  Really looking forward to it.  Weather is supposed to stay warm the next couple of days and then drop over the weekend.

I should not complain so much about not being able to ride Riva, since we have two other horses I can ride.  But I have this bond with Riva that keeps getting stronger and I so enjoy getting to ride her.  When she loses a shoe, I can't ride or lounge her - so we get zero training in.  We have never went 6 whole weeks between shoeings that she has not lost a shoe.  Just feel the set back - and I want to show her, somewhat successfully, in mid-April.

Anyway - there was sunshine today and warmth!  And an appt with the farrier tomorrow.  My mood is much improved!

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