Show Season

Show Season

Monday, February 7, 2011

Starting to get it

Me - that is.  We worked on 20 meter circles again tonight.  Right rein - no problems there.  I just have to keep encouraging Riva to keep her speed consistent thru the entire circle.  Went to left rein - first small circle was good .  I told her 'what a good girl'...that was a mistake because the next thing I knew I was trying to turn her left and she kept plowing straight ahead.  Back to work we went. 

I finally starting getting what L was telling me to do when Riva avoids the turn.  Drop the outside rein and pull the inside rein to my knee until Riva gives and her haunches follow thru.  Once I did this - okay after half a dozen times of doing this - I got a successful circle on the left rein!  Yeah!!!  We kept at it on one end of the arena, then trotted down to the end where she really avoids to try it.  Riva did exactly what I asked and we had some very good 20 meter circles on the left rein.

We finished up with Riva's fav - stretchey trot around the arena and then we tried some big figure eights on a loose rein.  She was very forward - good speed - lovely!  P wanted me to try a little canter before we stopped for the evening.  Tried the left lead first - got a few steps, but I couldn't get her in the rhythm.  Switched to right lead.  Riva wanted to go into canter, but I couldn't keep her going.  P came out with the lounge whip and with some encouragement. I was able to keep her in right lead canter for 1/2 the arena - and it was controlled, smooth, fun!

P took a little video of us warming up tonight.  He said to excuse the videographer :-)  Took this on his cell phone.

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