Show Season

Show Season

Thursday, February 10, 2011

So ready for Spring

Didn't get to the barn Tues or Wed - Tues...just too dang cold, Wed....P got home late and didn't want to make the drive alone.  Just me and L went to the barn tonight.  Lots of people there so we worked in arena traffic.  So not Diva's fav thing - I think the new show name I thought of for her is a perfect fit - 'Miss Independent'.  She lays her ears back at almost every horse we pass and tried to bite poor Hennessy when L and I were walking them out after riding.

Riva was very good on the lounge.  P got me trying not using voice commands - just body language and the lounge whip.  I really like this because I don't feel like I am shouting all the time and Riva watches me more when I don't talk.  Got really nice canter on the right lead - no bucks and nice rhythm. 

Got on and she was very forward - wanting to go at a faster speed than we had room for.  With one person lounging and 3 of us riding - couldn't let Riva go much  We did get to work 20 meter circles.  Just had to remind her that she can and will do circles on the left rein.  Did not take nearly as long tonight for her to remember what we worked on Sunday and Monday.

Once the arena cleared of the person lounging and one rider left, was able to get Riva's trot speed up on the long sides of the arena and more collected on the ends.  Did not attempt any canter tonight.  By the time we had worked on increasing her trot speed, 2 more riders had entered the arena.

Really ready for Spring and to be able to go out to the dressage arena or jump areaa.  Riva and I are so much alike - we both need our personal space!

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