Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thoroughbred Racing & Pepsi Challenge

Our first horse, Cheersto Glory, is an OTTB.  He raced for 3 years and was purchased at an end of racing season auction by Friends of Ferdinand.  He was one of the first horses that FFI rescued back when they first began.  He won over $60,000 in his career.  Derby day always makes me think of what happens to all the TB's out there that don't win big.  By getting involved with FFI, we have learned so much - we have fostered a retired racer in addition to adopting Cheers. 

FFI is trying to raise more money thru participating in the Pepsi Challenge.  FFI is strictly run by volunteers and relies on donations in order to rehome more TB's.  Please help by going to this website and voting for FFI.  You can vote once a day during the month of May.

Cheers will always have a home with us - he is safe, loved, and pampered.  Not all OTTBs are that lucky.

Cheersto Glory
(taken while he was enjoying 'just be a horse time' after coming off the track)

Link to a UTube video produced by FFI about Cheers


Amy said...

Great post!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

very sweet. Yes, I worry about the OTTB's that don't fall in our hands. So many...