Show Season

Show Season

Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting There

The foot is improving :)  Have been so worried, stressed, obsessed with getting Riva back to sound.  She is not 100% just yet - but I did ride last night.

When I picked out her right front last night, she was ouchy and not happy with me.  Husband looked at it and the crevice is pink at the bottom.  The cotton and gauze we had packed it with had fallen out since last Friday.  I went ahead and popped her on the lounge.  Not bad - a bit of head bobbing on the right trot lead but she got better as she went.

Decided to try her under saddle.  Just after I got on, our BO decided to make a 20 meter circle on one end of the indoor arena with a bag of bedding.  Riva chose to make a HUGE deal of this - she is not a spooky horse so I get the feeling she was not scared, just being stupid.  She tried to bolt twice, spin, grow to 17 hands, etc.  After about 10 minutes of this - I was not getting off and backing down - she gave and suddenly this circle of bedding was not going to eat her.  I kept circling her closer and closer to it, in trot, and finally took her around that end. 

I ended with a trot down the centerline and halted her in the 'circle of death'.  Hoping tonight she will remember she lived!


achieve1dream said...

LOL! That's too funny. What was the circle for?

I'm glad her hoof is doing better. It will take some time for it to callous back over so she might be sore for a bit.

Kelly said...

I think the BO was creating a visual 20 meter circle for a student's lesson. It had pretty much disappeared into the footing by last night :)

achieve1dream said...

Hehe that makes sense. :)