Show Season

Show Season

Monday, May 16, 2011

CAF Show - Part 2

As I have been posting about for a month now, Riva is still not sound on the right front.  We have been battling thrush - she improved for awhile, but got worse again.  We made the decision to take her to the show and try it.

She loaded beautifully on the trailer Friday evening and settled quickly in to her stall at CAF.  First time for us there.  After letting her and Henny eat a bit of hay, we took them for a walk around the property and to graze a bit.  She was fairly calm about a new place.  We saddled them up and took them back to the indoor that others were riding in. 

As soon as I got her trotting, knew she was badly off.  I hopped off and put her on the lunge - not good.  Husband took her back to the stall to look at her foot, see if anything was in that crevice.  When he picked it out, he saw it had abcessed and blew out.  Good and bad, right?

We had a few first aid things with us, so he medicated it, vet wrapped and duct tapped it for the night.  Gave her some bute and let her be.

So, we did not even get over to the outdoor dressage arena or the grass warm up on Friday night. 

L had her test before me on Saturday morning.  We helped her get ready, videoed her test and then helped her quickly get ready for jumping cross country.  By this time, I had to saddle up Riva and get her warmed up - still not sure how she was on that right front.

Took her over to the grass warm up - which we have never rode in anything like that.  She was a bundle of nerves, not listening, totally confused.  I ride her at walk around the property of where we board, but have never trotted her in the grass.  So, I spent my warm up trying to get her calm and listening.  Husband and I were able to see most of our daughter's stadium and cross country jumping from the warm up arena.

Daughter finished jumping and rode over to the dressage arena just as I was to go in and test.  Finally got Riva in to the dressage arena - she definitely did not want to go in.  I rode her to the judges stand to give our number and say hello.  Rode back out to wait for the whistle.  Took much convincing to get her to enter at A and trot up the centerline.  Managed to get a halt at X, got her trotting to C, made the left turn and started toward B to do our left 20 meter circle.  As soon as I started Riva in to the circle, she threw out her right shoulder and pulled toward the exit.  I could not het her back on track and nodded to end the test.

The judge was very kind and told me I was welcome to bring her back in and school during the time remaining of my test.  I had my daughter get on her first and ride her around a bit.  The judge asked my daughter if we knew she was off - daughter answered we did but wanted to get her in the ring.  The judge said that was fine and that Riva has lots of potential.

I then got back on and schooled her a few more minutes.  Here is the video of that - as you can see, she is very off.

I was a bit in tears riding out and not being able to complete the test.  I rode her back toward her stall and had my husband take a photo of us by the lovely flowers.  Said I hope you can't see the tears in the picture.

Daughter and I watched a few tests after we got the horses settled.  Day turned out good weather wise, we did not get rain until on the way home.  Loaded up - again, Riva loaded up great to head home,

Once we got home, our trainer called to see how it went.  She could not attend, as she was scribbing at Edinburgh at an IDS show.  I went over the whole two days.  She made me see all the good things that came of the weekend - Riva loaded up and traveled well, she went to a new place and had new experiences, she was well behaved in the stall and to hand walk around, and that she has a physical issue right now that we don't know how much pain and or discomfort she is experiencing.  Love my trainer!

We tried a hot poultice on Sunday night to draw out the rest of the abcess.  Tonight, we are trying a dry poultice.  Also called the farrier to see when he can come back out and see if we should be doing anything else for her foot or if we need to have the vet see her.

Just hate Riva being off and not knowing what else to do for her or how long this will last.  Love my girl and just want her healthy.


Amy said...

Your trainer is right, you guys both had some great experience together with the whole situation. Riva looks like she did great considering her issues. I really hope you can get her to 100% soon.

Val said...

I am sorry to read about your horse's discomfort. Hopefully the abscess will clear up quickly. At least you had an understanding judge who was willing to give you some ring time. All was not lost! She is a beautiful, painted mare.

achieve1dream said...

You take a beautiful picture together even with your tears. :) I'm glad the weekend went well overall and it is good news that the abscess finally blew. Now she can heal up the rest of the way. Poor baby did very well considering her pain.