Show Season

Show Season

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby it's Hot outside!

Only in Indiana do we go from furnaces to AC.  And our horses are still shedding out from the blasted cold winter.  Got to put fans on the shopping list for the horses' stalls.

Got to the barn last night to find Riva's top dutch stall door open.  Now this is a good thing and hoping she doesn't remember the time she jumped out!  Her 2 year old year, she decided to go out for more grazin - thru the top open dutch door in her stall.  Luckily, she did not hurt herself, but scard the BO.  Since then, Riva's top door has remained closed.  We shall see...

Last night was not our best ride.  Riva was trot...better at canter.  We did get some good trot work in and some decent left lead canter.  I put her thru her Intro Test B before we walked out.  She did well, except we did not stop at X for the entry or the final halt.  I had been after her the entire ride to keep moving, more forward...can't blame her for not wanting to stop.  We did go back thru just down the centerline to halt at X - success on the last one!

I walked her outside down the road that leads to the barn - she was so hot and sweaty.  Put her in the wash rack for a rinse off.  She is much better about the wash rack this year and baths.  I had not attempted to spray her face yet with the hose - always have just sponged it off.  I put the nozzle on a soft spray and went up her neck and over to her lips, up the nose, and finally all the way to ears.  She raised her head a bit but did not attempt to back up.  She made cute flapping lip faces the entire time :) 

So the mare redeemed herself last evening by making me laugh.  Always look for the positive, right?

Got our ride times by email today for CAF on Sat.  L shows around 11:15 - me around 12:15.  Very excited!


Carol said...

So happy to have found a blog about starting a warm blood and doing dressage. Your horse is gorgeous.
I often skip halting at X on purpose, so they don't start to anticipate it. Your Intro B sounds very good.

achieve1dream said...

Hehe good job looking for the positive. :D I need to do that more. It's so helpful having a blog to write down your rides and lessons to look back on how far you've come. :) I love it.

Kelly said...

Hi Carol -

Thank you for the nice comment :) I have read your blog - your horses are lovely.

achieve1dream said...

I have so many posts that I've read and commented on that are showing up new and the comments are gone because of stupid blogger's downtime, but I am reading. :) Good luck at the show. I can't wait to hear about it.