Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My daughter, the future trainer

Farrier can not come out till Thursday to put Henny's shoe back on, so I talked L in to giving me a lesson.  She did really well - after I got her talking.  When we started out, I was riding a 20 meter circle around her - left lead.  After about the 5th one, I asked her how I was doing...normally, L is loud and opinionated.  I thought I was really doing great or terrible and she didn't know what to say :-) 

L teaches beginner riding lessons - mostly Western - at a barn that we used to board at.  She has been working there for 2 years and has been a summer camp counselor for the past 3 summers.  The BO is a 75 yr old women - very sweet and knowledgable - but likes things done her way.  L tries to incorporate what she learns in her lessons, with our trainer, in to how she teaches her students.  L loves when someone wants to learn to ride 'English'. 

Riva was awesome last night - she worked really hard for me.  She only got sticky once, towards the end.  But I got her moving again and finished positive.  L had us work 20 meter trot circles - with some almost to walk then trot ons, thrown in.  We worked in to 10 meter circles and back out.  We did some leg yield at the trot.  We tried some canter towards the end.  Left lead was nice - picked it up when asked and held it till I had to break her to trot one time and halt the other time.  Another boarder was riding and I can't steer Riva much yet at canter - first time Riva wanted to bite a chunck out of the rider (I don't know why she does this!) and the other time I had to stop her because we had no way to make it around the other horse.

I asked her for right lead canter twice also.  Had not asked her since before the lameness from thrush.  She was trying, but I could not keep her going more than half arena.  She seems to need more outside rein given on the right lead and keep more contact on inside rein to help keep the bend.  Opposite for left lead. 

Hoping to ride outside this evening - the sun is shining right now.  Possible lesson on Thursday with our trainer - still waiting to hear from her to confirm.


achieve1dream said...

She sounds very crooked which is common for young horses. Have you worked with her on a lunge line at the canter so she can build up the muscles without the weight of a rider? I don't know specifics on how to do that, just the basics, but it might be worth asking your trainer about. Sounds like you had a good lesson with your daughter. :)

Kelly said...

I do work on canter on the lounge and it is helping her build muscle and balance. I know she is still growing and these things take time. My trainer has advised to spend double the time of the weak, none bendy side. We will get there!

achieve1dream said...

My comments have been deleted because of blogger's downtime. :( I said something about being glad the lesson went well and that your daughter sounds so sweet and talented. If I haven't commented on anything else it isn't because I didn't try lol.