Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, May 15, 2011

CAF Show - Part 1

Ok, the good first.  My daughter and Hennessy had a great dressage test and jumping / cross country round at Saturday's show.  They took 5th place.  We videoed her Beginner Novice Test A - did not get to video the jumping because I was getting ready to do my test.  Here is their video: 
To be continued...


Amy said...

They looked quite lovely! Everyone I know was showing that day. Bummed I missed it.

achieve1dream said...

They look great! :) It is so weird to me that eventers don't salute at the beginning of their test lol. I keep thinking whoa, stop, you're forgetting the halt/salute, then I remember it's eventing lol. That's thrown me off several times since I first started following eventer blogs. :)