Show Season

Show Season

Friday, March 2, 2012

An AaaHaa Moment!

Let's start with aaahaa moment was at THE CANTER!  Yes, I achieved left lead canter on Riva yesterday in the outdoor dressage arena.  2 full laps - thank you very much :)  And it felt AMAZING.  I keep reading about how most riders like this gait the most and I had not figured out why...

Yes, I have been working on canter, on the schoolmaster "V", at every lesson.  I can cue her canter, from the walk or trot, and my riding of this gait keeps improving.  But I can't say I have loved it yet.  I have to remind myself to breathe - keep my legs soft - go with the motion with my seat - keep my hands low and allow.  But I have not enjoyed it yet.  I feel out of control.

That did change yesterday on Riva - now I so want to master the canter and ride it all the time!  Riva's canter feels so different than "V's".  It was smooth and up - and I was able to just ride it and enjoy the feeling.  Bonus - I had steering and speed control.  I was not getting good bend on the right lead yesterday, so I did not attempt right lead canter.  I am hoping Lex is able to come ride her this evening and help me with this. 

In other news, I had my weekly lesson on Wednesday on "V".  We worked on 20 meter trot circles, leg yield at the walk and trot, and canter.  Next week's lesson will be on Riva. 

On Tuesday, the weather was just too mild not to get outside.  (As if I need a reason to ride outside!)  Husband got a new camera over the weekend with our tax return and took some pics.  Now I can look at pictures and pick apart my position!  What I see -

    *  elbows need bend
    *  once elbows are fixed - contact should be better?
    *  heels down - at least they are level now!

At the trot - preparing to turn right

At the walk

On the lunge

'Please don't criticize my hair!  Mom sooo needs to pull my mane!  

On Monday, all the horses had their Spring shots on Monday and Coggins test.  Our vet advises light work on the day they have vaccines - so Riva had a short light lunge session and an easy ride.

Many more critique-able riding photos to come!


Emme said...

So glad you are getting there; gives me hope! I love learning vicariously through others Aahaa moments, that is the best part of the horse blogger world.
What day are you going to Equine Affaire btw?

Emme said...

We have tickets for Fantasia on Friday night, and I am not sure whether we plan to go back on Saturday or not. I hope so, as I would like to do a half day Friday, and then come back the next day. Miranda has not been picked so far, but we have on more chance to get into a clinic. FINGERS CROSSED!! They had A LOT of applicants this year they said.

Mona Sterling said...

So exciting that the canter is coming together! I know exactly what you mean about not enjoying the canter. At this point, I'm still way happier trotting because our canter is always two seconds from falling apart. And tell Riva not to worry about her hair, Tessa's is even worse. It's super long, fuzzy AND sort of a yellowish green color. Ahhhh winter.

Miranda said...

20 meter circles, now that it to small. Haha Just joking. You two look great. Glad your mastering the canter and hopefully Lex can help you with the right.

Amy said...

I am so happy for you! Way to keep at it!

achieve1dream said...

I like her mane. :D I wish Chrome's was that thick and pretty.

For the elbows (big problem I had because I grew up riding Western with my arm extended lol) I always chant "heavy elbows, light hands, heavy elbows, light hands" because I also had a problem with pulling downward with my hands. It might help. :D

Congrats on your aha moment!