Show Season

Show Season

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty!

Lex was able to come out last Saturday to ride the mare for me.  They worked on bending, contact, and some collection.  Riva is a quick learner and now only throws bucks when she gets overwhelmed and confused.  I love that in the many, many pics that dad/husband took - Lex is smiling all the time!

A few pics from Saturday's training ride:

Yikes - she is so dirty!  I most definitely want to body clip her next winter.  She is smelly and super hairy.  Our Mid-West winter has been very mild but the weather changes day to day.  I don't feel comfortable giving her a full bath yet, but boy does she need it!


Miranda said...

Pippi is so dirty too. I hate it but I doubt Pippi will let us body clip her.
Lex and Riva look so good. She is coming along nicely. (:

Emme said...

I can't wait for better weather either. Without an indoor, our saddle time is not enough.
great pics of a happy horse and rider

achieve1dream said...

They look fantastic!!